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Wholesale weed seeds of the finest caliber are offered at unbelievable savings!

The top wholesale weed seeds available in North America may be found at Royal King Seeds. Royal King Seeds wholesale weed seeds are the solution you’ve been seeking for to expand your cannabis business. They are developed and grown by horticulturists with years of experience, and they are meticulously tested and examined before distribution. Our carefully chosen high-quality seeds will win your customers over, and you’ll appreciate their loyalty to your company. In our humble opinion, Royal King Seeds is an essential component of any collection of weed seeds. Our wholesale weed seeds come with exclusive prices that cannabis entrepreneurs adore. No other seed bank can compete with our wholesale rates and offers.

Don’t trust us? See some of our fantastic reviews on Google Places and Trust Pilot. Moreover, feel free to browse our website and social media pages to learn more about our company and how we can help your business. Customers should feel at ease using our product and dealing with our company as a whole. We invite you to follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about who we are. You can observe how many growers have had success with our premium wholesale cannabis seeds on our social media platforms. We showcase hundreds of plant photos taken by our devoted growers, who by this stage have become like family to us.

Find Wholesale Weed Seeds in North America

In quantities of 500, 1000, and 2000 seeds, Royal King Seeds offers more than 80 distinctive wholesale weed seed strains. You may choose between our neat, professional wrapping or specialized white-label packaging. Our experts have successfully feminized each and every seed we offer for sale, resulting in wholesale cannabis seeds that are assured to grow into healthy, flowering female plants. Our picks are as follows:

You become a member of the Royal King Seeds family and have access to our 90% germination guarantee when you purchase wholesale weed seeds from us. This implies that, if your consumers followed our tried-and-true germination guide, we’ll replace them if fewer than 9 out of 10 seeds fail to germinate. This is due to the fact that we stand behind the seeds we sell, knowing that each one has been hand-selected, genetically verified, and tested in a lab.

Hence, Royal King Seeds can serve as your one-stop shop when looking for wholesale weed seeds in North America. We not only have all the most popular strains your consumers are looking for, including autoflowering and CBD variants, but our seeds are also guaranteed. Also, when you become a member of the Royal King Seeds wholesale family, you gain access to a wealth of resources for growing advice, the most recent details on marijuana’s medical advantages, marketing support, and much, much more. We’re here to ensure that your consumers are content because we want your business to succeed. In order for your company to continue to be your customers’ go-to supplier of high-quality, germination-guaranteed seeds, we are as involved in ensuring that your customers get the most out of each strain they purchase as you are.

Buy Wholesale Cannabis Seeds in 2021 Online

Since that feminized cannabis seeds can be slightly more expensive than ordinary ones, your clients may question why they should purchase them. We’re pleased to assist you in explaining to them why selecting seeds like those offered by Royal King Seeds is worthwhile spending a few cents more.

For those who only wish to cultivate cannabis flowers or bud for smoking, vaping, baking, or generating hash and other byproducts, feminized cannabis seeds are fantastic. When you purchase feminized cannabis seeds and start the germination process, it is obvious how many mature plants you will have (besides possible deaths due to environmental factors).


Normal marijuana seeds can produce either male or female plants. In cannabis gardens meant to produce bud, male plants must be removed because, when they fertilize the females, they produce seeds that significantly reduce the quality of the bud. This has two drawbacks: first, you have to remove plants, which leaves spaces in your garden that could have been filled with more useful plants; second, if you chance to overlook a male, you can find up with a crop that has gone to seed.

This issue is brilliantly solved by feminized wholesale cannabis seeds, which eliminate the males from the mixture. Scientists started pushing female plants to self-pollinate because the cannabis species can. As no male chromosomes were present during the creation of the seeds from such solidary unions, they are 99% guaranteed to be female (or, technically, feminized). The outcome? a cannabis flower production that is easier to predict.

Why Buy Feminized Wholesale Cannabis Seeds?

Since that feminized cannabis seeds can be slightly more expensive than ordinary ones, your clients may question why they should purchase them. We’re pleased to assist you in explaining to them why selecting seeds like those offered by Royal King Seeds is worthwhile spending a few cents more. For those who only wish to cultivate cannabis flowers or bud for smoking, vaping, baking, or generating hash and other byproducts, feminized cannabis seeds are fantastic. When you purchase feminized cannabis seeds and start the germination process, it is obvious how many mature plants you will have (besides possible deaths due to environmental factors).

Buy wholesale weed seeds online

When you order wholesale weed seeds from Royal King Seeds, you won’t be let down for any of the following reasons:

Royal King Seeds offers wholesale marijuana seeds, and you can be sure that we always have our strains in stock. In the unlikely event that we run out of a certain premium weed seed variety, we will get in touch with your company right away. Never be concerned about orders being delayed or canceled due to stock shortages.

    • The industry’s highest germination guarantee is proudly offered by Royal King Seeds. We guarantee that 90% of the weed seeds we sell will sprout. If they don’t, we’ll personally give the gardener’s product a fresh batch of healthy seeds in its place. Your likelihood of receiving subpar goods is greatly reduced when you purchase from Royal King Seeds. To be qualified for the guarantee, all you have to do is adhere to the uncomplicated, step-by-step directions in our Germination Guide. Everyone is content if you encourage your clients to follow suit!

It has never been simpler to have bulk weed seeds delivered to your house thanks to Royal King Seeds. Both domestic and international shipping is available from us! You can obtain wholesale marijuana seeds no matter where you reside or what your zip code is. Our typical shipment period lasts 5 to 10 business days. Please allow more time for delivery during our “busy season,” which coincides with when business picks up. Your seeds are on their way, we guarantee!

14 – 18 hours 1 – 7 days 2 – 8 days
    • Go no further than Royal King Seeds if you’re seeking for a wholesale partner who delivers expert service and goods. Each order of our premium wholesale cannabis seeds includes a set of medical-grade glass vials, allowing you to package your seeds properly and safely while maintaining their viability and freshness. You will always have access to our premium vials, whether you want to label your goods with our label or your own.
    • If you’re looking for a wholesale partner who provides excellent service and products, go no further than Royal King Seeds. A set of medical-grade glass vials are included with every order of our premium wholesale cannabis seeds, enabling you to package your seeds properly and safely while preserving their viability and freshness. Whether you choose to use our label or your own, you will always have access to our quality vials.
    • Our commitment to providing excellent customer service goes beyond our wholesale weed seed partners’ own clients. Put us in touch with your clients if they have any inquiries or problems with the Royal King Seeds product they recently bought.
    • Royal King Seeds always ships incognito. Depending on the amount of your transaction, we offer free shipping or flat rate delivery rates. We also provide thorough packaging to ensure the safety of your product during transit. Since the seeds ship from the west coast of the United States, you won’t have to wait weeks for an international order, pay high customs fees or exchange rates, or endure inspections. Our wholesale marijuana seeds will always reach your company as soon as possible.
    • We are pleased to offer advertising materials to all of our wholesale partners, which can be used by consumers or placed around the storefront. In addition to working together to ensure your company’s success, a partnership with us entails our assistance with SEO tactics, website creation, and professional branding.

Wholesale Weed Seeds for sale

Considering a large order? We at Royal King Seeds respect your dedication to quality and want you to be successful. We provide amazing discounts of up to 70% on all wholesale orders as a result. You can save more money and charge your customers less if you purchase more wholesale weed seeds. After all, satisfied customers tend to be devoted ones.

Beyond Wholesale Weed Seeds

We don’t just sell wholesale weed seeds at Royal King Seeds. We also provide other services. When you purchase bulk cannabis seeds from us, you gain access to knowledge, qualified assistance, and caring customer support. Please don’t be reluctant to let us know how we can support you since we want to see your company succeed.

Cannabis producers today are pickier than ever, and they value having a lot of knowledge at their disposal. If you’d like some informational inserts about the strains you’re getting, just let us know. You can also download our germination guide to assist your customers in setting up the best circumstances for germination. For even more ideas on how to ensure that your clients receive a bumper crop, see our grow guidance page. Purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk from Royal King Seeds offers more than simply high-quality goods. Also, you receive tools that will make your firm stand out.

Advice on how to grow your wholesale Weed Seeds

We at Royal King Seeds are here to assist you in ways other than just placing a bulk order for weed seeds. Just like you, we are curious about how marijuana is grown. There is a lot to learn about growing cannabis both indoors and outdoors, using hydroponic systems, and understanding when and how to harvest it. Our grow guidance area has all the information you require in one convenient location. You may find instructions on how to purchase and preserve seeds, specifics on how to develop plants, technical information to help you get the most out of your plants, and much more. You can spend days reading on our grow advise page if, like us, you enjoy geeking out over weed farming. And if you have a query that you can’t find the answer to, we’d love to talk.

Wholesale Weed Seeds For Medical Use

Research on the advantages of medical cannabis is constantly expanding. We are aware that when you purchase wholesale marijuana seeds, you want to find a wide variety of strains that can relieve anxiety, depression, headaches, inflammation, pain, and a variety of other medical issues.

Royal King Seeds makes it simple for you and keeps in mind the needs of medical growers, so you don’t have to worry about trying to keep up with which strains are most effective for specific conditions. We make certain that our product descriptions have all the information you require, and we also provide educational inserts that can assist your clients in making the best decisions for themselves.

You may find a variety of articles and tips about medical cannabis on our website since we also want to assist you stay up to date with all the most recent research. Do your clients frequently inquire about CBD? Simply print off our CBD information paper, which addresses popular inquiries like “What is CBD?” and “What are CBD’s most noticeable effects?” On our website, you can also find research on cannabis-based cancer treatment, pain relief, and even migraine relief.

You want to be sure that the strains you purchase when purchasing bulk marijuana seeds for medical purposes are genetically authentic. In order to ensure that we can provide you with the best quality, we lab-test each seed. In order to maintain freshness and make sure that your customers’ seeds are packaged as safely as possible, we also give you glass vials made of medical-grade materials.

The Best Weed Seeds

It’s a big claim, but we’re certain that we live up to our own standards of excellence. Here at Royal King Seeds, we aim to help the budding marijuana sector get more respect and prestige, from the care we take with your wholesale marijuana seeds to the devotion we show to our business and private customers to the indisputable therapeutic qualities of our goods. Our astounding germination rates are a part of that. Most buyers report that our marijuana seeds have a 90% success rate (at the very least). We have honed our art in weed seeds over the course of our many years in the cannabis industry, and we are now bringing that quality and pride to you—the client. We have faith that you will enjoy growing with our seeds!

Fast Delivery For Cannabis Seeds

Getting cannabis seeds delivered now is more advantageous than ever before. You may choose from a wide range of premium marijuana seeds at Royal King Seeds, including autoflowering seeds and seeds with high CBD content that are simple to grow. To receive your weed seeds at your door in as little as one week, place your order online right now. Simply choose your preferred seeds from our online assortment and check out using our secure payment portal to promptly receive your cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds may now be purchased online with ease thanks to Royal King Seeds. For your convenience, our premium cannabis seeds are entirely feminized and completely non-germinated.

Order wholesale weed seeds for Delivery

    • Once you’ve decided, either place your order using our simple and secure online ordering system, or contact us via email and let us know which strains and how much of each you’re ordering. Of course, we’re more than pleased to assist you if you have any queries while this procedure is going on. We will email you an invoice and order number once your order has been placed online (or after we have entered it if you contacted us personally), and then your task is finished!
  • You are now a member of the Royal King Seeds family, which is wonderful! Now that you’re informed, you can expect to continue saving money on all wholesale weed seed orders and having direct access to our friendly, educated sales staff. Please get in touch with us with any needs you may have, and we’ll endeavor to find a solution. Greetings from the team!

Royal King Seeds wholesale buyers have more time on their hands:

I had pretty much given up looking for good seeds online before discovering Royal King Seeds because I had made the difficult and time-consuming decision to grow my own. I’m really happy I found this business because their goods are authentic.