Deadly Sativas Mixpack

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How do you spend your days? Perhaps you just need to power through the day without letting the fatigue and drowsiness get the best of you. To fill this void, Sativas are ideal. The effects of sativa strains are best experienced during the day. This Mix pack contains three of our most potent Sativa Strains, so you can experience the uplifting, energizing effects of a Sativa cannabis strain.

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Our Deadly Sativas Mixpack includes:

Alice In Wonderland:

Marijuana seeds named after the book “Alice in Wonderland” will transport you to a surreal world. This strain, like the movie, has the potential to induce intense psychedelic effects, such as distorted visions and disorienting sounds. Naturally, inexperienced users are more vulnerable to side effects. You should not let the fact that smoking Alice in Wonderland can make you feel paranoid and anxious dissuade you from trying this powerful sativa.

As a pure sativa strain, Alice in Wonderland is known to increase mental and physical stamina and encourage imaginative problem solving. The psychoactive ingredient could make you more sensitive to sound and light and even take you to the moon and back. It’s recommended that you read Alice In Wonderland during the day, when you have more energy and mental clarity.

It’s not just the name that makes marijuana plants inspired by Alice in Wonderland unique; their appearance is completely out there, too. These plants develop medium-sized spade-shaped buds that glow a neon green and are covered in amber hairs. In a field full of cannabis plants, the brightly colored Alice in Wonderland marijuana seeds will be easy to spot. To the contrary, you can anticipate a heightened experience across the board.

Amnesia Haze:

With two Cannabis Cup victories under its belt, Amnesia Haze has proven itself to be a top-tier strain (in 2004 and 2012). It’s more pleasant than vitamin C-depleted orange juice due to its energizing effects and zesty citrus aroma.

Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds have a THC content of 20%, which may help explain where the strain got its name, but the euphoric high it produces isn’t easily forgotten. Amnesia Haze is a potent yet mellow strain that has gained popularity as a medical option for treating daytime stress, depression, and fatigue.

Even though this sativa-dominant hybrid was developed by crossing Thai and Hawaiian with Afghani genetics, our feminized Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds guarantee that every plant you grow will be a female.

Which way do you stand on obtaining some Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds? You must remember! Invest now!

Panama Red:

There was a peak in the popularity of Panama Red marijuana seeds in the 1990s, as anyone who has followed the history of the cannabis industry even remotely closely knows. This 100% sativa strain is now considered a throwback to the past and has been overshadowed by newer varieties. Despite having THC levels that are usually no higher than 17%, it continues to be a fan favorite.

All smokers, regardless of experience, can enjoy a small taste thanks to this percentage. Panama Red, while not particularly potent, produces euphoric effects that lift the spirits and encourage productive thinking during the day. If you struggle to fall asleep when drinking Panama Red, you may want to avoid drinking it later in the day. The resulting high is mildly energizing, enlightening, and creative.

Start your day off right with this strain. Light psychedelic effects can enhance the user’s experience of the world around them, making colors, sounds, and textures seem more vivid. In a very literal sense, it improves our perception of the world and makes it a more pleasant place to be. It’s no surprise that depressed patients can get Panama Red marijuana seeds from their doctors. Grapefruit and other citrus notes, as well as earthiness, spice, and herbs, all contribute to the unique aroma of Panama Red cannabis plants.


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