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Panama Red cannabis seeds serve as a portal to the vibrant counterculture of the past, embodying the spirit and euphoria of the era in their genetic makeup.

  • Invites users on a sensory journey
  • 17% THC
  • 16 oz/plant
  • For ADHD
  • Fruit-inspired palette



Panama Red, a strain enveloped in an aura of nostalgia and reverence, emerges from the depths of cannabis history, tracing its origins back to the vibrant landscapes of Panama. During the 1960s and 1970s, it ascended to legendary status, celebrated not just for its distinctive, energizing effects but also for its role in the cultural tapestry of the era.

Its genetics, a pure reflection of sativa heritage, thrive under the unique environmental conditions of its homeland, where the interplay of rich soil and the ideal climate fosters the cultivation of cannabis strains with unparalleled qualities. The appearance of Panama Red is as striking as its history, marked by leaves and flowers tinged with hues of red, signaling its potency and the richness of its Sativa roots.

Its aromatic profile is equally complex and inviting, blending notes of earthiness with subtle hints of spice and fruit, crafting an olfactory experience that is both intricate and profoundly satisfying. The effects of indulging in Panama Red are distinctly cerebral, offering a high that elevates the mind, sparks creativity, and invites engaging conversations, all the while enhancing the sensory appreciation of the environment.

Cultivating Panama Red seeds is akin to embracing the artistry inherent in traditional cannabis farming. This strain demands patience and a deep understanding of its growth patterns. Unlike contemporary hybrids engineered for expedited growth, Panama Red’s maturation process is deliberate, reflecting its storied lineage and the historical cultivation practices that prioritized the essence and character of the strain over mere yield.

Those who undertake the cultivation of Panama Red are rewarded with harvests that encapsulate the quintessential sativa experience—resinous flowers that deliver a pure, uplifting high. The resurgence of Panama Red in recent times is fueled by a blend of nostalgia for its storied past and a burgeoning desire among connoisseurs to reconnect with cannabis in its most unadulterated form.

This strain appeals not only for its historical significance but also as a symbol of a cultivation ethos that values sustainability, organic practices, and a reverence for the genetic legacy of cannabis. Panama Red serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving the genetic diversity of cannabis, offering a bridge to the past and a vision for a future where the rich tapestry of cannabis genetics continues to flourish for generations to come

Origin and Lineage:

Tracing the lineage and origins of Panama Red Cannabis Seeds unveils a saga that intertwines with the cultural and social fabric of the 1960s, a pivotal era marked by a collective yearning for exploration, both geographical and introspective. Originating from the verdant, sun-kissed landscapes of Panama, this strain’s emergence during such a transformative period is no coincidence.

It embodies the spirit of its time, a botanical marvel cultivated amidst a backdrop of social movements and a global renaissance of consciousness and connection. Panama Red’s pure sativa genetics herald from the lush environments of Central America, where the interplay of natural elements forged a strain renowned for its distinctive vibrancy, potency, and the energizing clarity it imparts upon the consumer.

The storied ancestors of Panama Red were indigenous sativa strains, thriving under the canopy of Central America’s dense foliage, evolving over generations to exhibit traits highly coveted by both ancient cultivators and modern connoisseurs.

These plants were selected for their resilience, their mesmerizing red pigmentation, and their capacity to induce an uplifted, euphoric state, making Panama Red a symbol of cannabis culture’s rich tapestry. This strain’s vivid colors, spanning from the leaves to the buds, are emblematic of its vitality and the invigorating effects it promises, offering an escape into enhanced creativity, social camaraderie, and an elevated sensory journey.

Engaging in the cultivation of Panama Red is not merely an agricultural endeavor but a rite of passage that connects the grower to a lineage steeped in tradition and natural harmony. This strain’s cultivation mirrors the slow rhythms of nature, contrasting sharply with the expedited growth cycles of modern hybrids.

The slow maturation process of Panama Red, reminiscent of a bygone era, is a testament to the cultivation practices that prioritize the essence of the experience over the expedience of production. This careful nurturing has allowed Panama Red to retain its unique characteristics, ensuring that each seed is a living archive of its illustrious history and a tribute to the diversity of cannabis genetics.  Its legacy is a mosaic of the people, places, and practices that have shaped its story, a vibrant thread in the broader tapestry of cannabis’s global heritage.

As it stands, Panama Red is not only celebrated for its stimulating effects but also revered as a historical artifact, preserving the richness of cannabis’s past while continuing to inspire those who seek to forge a connection with the natural world through the cultivation and appreciation of this legendary strain.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

Cultivating Panama Red Cannabis Seeds is an endeavor that marries the art of traditional cannabis farming with the challenges of managing a strain that demands both patience and expertise. Recognized for its unique sativa lineage, Panama Red thrives under specific conditions that mimic its native tropical habitat.

This strain’s growth journey is not for the faint-hearted or the impatient cultivator, as it exhibits a longer flowering period compared to many contemporary hybrids.

The grower must possess a keen understanding of light, temperature, and nutrition to mimic the rich, diverse environment from which Panama Red originates. Adequate space is also essential, given its tendency to stretch upwards and outwards with vigorous growth. This strain is not particularly forgiving of mistakes, demanding attentiveness and a forward-thinking strategy for pest and disease control.

Nevertheless, for individuals prepared to dedicate their time and energy, Panama Red rewards growers with bountiful yields of high-quality, resinous buds, characterized by their vibrant hues and potent effects. Cultivating Panama Red thus becomes a rewarding journey back to the roots of cannabis cultivation, offering a deeply enriching experience that transcends the mere act of growing.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: A consistently moist environment is crucial for seed germination, achievable through the paper towel method or direct sowing into a high-quality starter mix.
  • Growing Medium: Opt for a well-aerated, pH-balanced soil enriched with organic matter to foster vigorous growth and plant health.
  • Equipment: Employing a reliable humidity and temperature gauge is indispensable for precise monitoring and adjustment of the growing environment.
  • Lighting: High-intensity light exposure, preferably from LED or HPS systems, is vital for full spectrum coverage and robust growth.
  • Nutrients: A balanced nutrient regimen, adjusted for vegetative and flowering stages with an emphasis on nitrogen, then phosphorus and potassium, supports optimal development.
  • Temperature: A daytime temperature range of 75-85°F (24-29°C) and cooler nighttime temperatures promote healthy growth and flower production.
  • Humidity: Maintaining relative humidity at 40-50% during flowering is key to minimizing mold risk and enhancing resin production.
  • Pruning: Consistent trimming of the lower leaves enhances both air flow and exposure to light, leading to higher yields and stronger plants.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: Utilizing full-spectrum LED lighting ensures supreme growth by mimicking the sun’s natural spectrum, essential for a thriving lifecycle.
  • Nutrients: Maximizing growth requires a comprehensive feeding regimen rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and essential micronutrients.
  • Temperature: An ambient temperature range of 70°F to 85°F (21°C to 29°C) is crucial for creating a conducive environment for vibrant growth and bloom.
  • Humidity: Optimal moisture levels between 40% and 70%, adjusted for each growth stage, are vital for preventing mold and ensuring peak vitality.
  • Sexing: Early identification of plant sexes is critical, with a preference for female plants to prevent undesired pollination and enhance bud production.


  • Indicators: Observing trichome color change from clear to milky or amber offers a reliable harvest time indicator.
  • Technique: Employing a low-stress training (LST) technique can significantly increase exposure to light and air, resulting in more abundant harvests.
  • Curing: A slow curing process in a controlled environment enhances the flavor profile and overall potency of the buds.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Routine examination for prevalent pests like spider mites and aphids is essential for early intervention and prevention of widespread infestation.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: Observing for indications of nutrient surplus or scarcity, such as leaf discoloration or deformation, is key to maintaining plant health.
  • Over/Under Watering: Ensuring the growing medium is neither too dry nor waterlogged will help avoid root issues and promote optimal growth.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Implementing techniques like topping or supercropping can significantly influence plant structure and yield.
  • Climate: Adapting grow practices to accommodate the strain’s preference for a subtropical climate will result in healthier plants and superior yields.
  • Testing: Periodic pH and EC testing of the soil or hydroponic solution is vital for adjusting feeding strategies and optimizing nutrient uptake.

Germination time:

The germination phase for this particular strain of cannabis seeds represents a pivotal initial step in the cultivation journey, typically spanning a period that can extend from several days up to a week. This timeframe is crucial for ensuring that the seeds are given the optimal conditions to awaken from their dormancy.

During this stage, it’s imperative to maintain a consistent and gentle moisture level around the seeds, a task often accomplished through the use of a damp paper towel method or by placing them directly into a nurturing, high-quality starting mix designed to facilitate root development. The ambient temperature plays a significant role in this process, with a warm environment closely mimicking the natural tropical conditions to which the seeds are accustomed, thereby encouraging a successful and vigorous emergence.

Adequate attention to these conditions during the germination stage sets the foundation for the subsequent growth phases, ultimately leading to a robust and healthy plant. This early period of development is delicate, necessitating a careful balance of environmental factors to ensure the seeds’ transition into seedlings is smooth and unencumbered, laying the groundwork for their journey toward maturity.

Wellness and Panama Red Cannabis Seeds:

Panama Red, a strain steeped in the annals of cannabis culture, offers a unique interplay of effects that cater to a broad spectrum of wellness and therapeutic needs. With its sativa-dominant genetics, it stands as a beacon for those seeking mental clarity and an uplift in mood, distinguishing itself as a natural remedy for the malaise of modern life.

The ability of this strain to dissolve stress, alleviate symptoms of depression, and counteract social anxiety is notable, positioning it as a powerful tool in the arsenal against mental health challenges. Its capacity to foster a sense of euphoria and well-being encourages a creative and social fluency that is both rare and highly sought after, making it a prized companion for individuals navigating the complexities of creative blocks or social interactions.

Beyond its mental and emotional uplift, Panama Red is celebrated for its revitalizing energy, a marked departure from the sedative qualities often associated with cannabis.

This invigorating effect does not merely awaken the body but also stimulates a surge of creativity and vibrant enthusiasm for living, rendering it a perfect selection for individuals in creative fields or anyone in pursuit of inspiration. While its physical benefits are somewhat more nuanced, the strain offers a subtle but effective relief from chronic pain and muscle tension, providing a gentle easing of physical discomfort without the accompanying heaviness found in more indica-dominant strains.

The wellness benefits of Panama Red extend into the realm of sensory enhancement, deepening one’s engagement with the environment and enriching the fabric of daily life. This heightened sensory awareness promotes mindfulness and appreciation for the present moment, transforming ordinary experiences into rich, textured encounters that contribute to an overall sense of well-being and contentment.

Furthermore, the communal aspect of Panama Red’s effects cannot be overstated. It acts as a social lubricant, melting away the barriers that often inhibit communication and connection, thereby fostering meaningful interactions and strengthening community bonds.

Its ability to encourage openness and facilitate shared experiences is a testament to its role not only in personal wellness but in the cultivation of a supportive and interconnected community.  Panama Red transcends its status as a mere recreational strain, embodying a holistic approach to wellness that addresses both individual and collective needs. Its wide array of effects—from mental clarity and mood enhancement to pain relief and social connectivity—highlights its versatility and therapeutic potential.

This strain not only supports the individual’s journey toward a more balanced and fulfilling life but also contributes to the broader tapestry of communal well-being, embodying the profound impact that cannabis can have on society at large.

CBD Levels:

Diving into the discussion of CBD levels within the illustrious Panama Red cannabis strain offers an intriguing glimpse into the unique chemical composition that defines its legacy. Panama Red, a strain that hails from the vibrant landscapes of Panama and carries with it a rich tapestry of history, is predominantly recognized for its THC-rich profile, tailored to deliver the euphoric and cerebral high that sativa lovers cherish.

However, when it comes to CBD, Panama Red presents a markedly different narrative, one that is reflective of its heritage and the breeding preferences of its era. The CBD content in Panama Red is notably low, a characteristic that is not uncommon among pure sativa strains, especially those cultivated before the recent surge in demand for high-CBD varieties.

This minimal presence of CBD does not detract from the strain’s revered status; rather, it highlights the specific wellness and experiential focus that Panama Red was bred to accentuate. In an era when the cannabis culture was deeply intertwined with the pursuit of heightened sensory experiences and cognitive exploration, the breeding emphasis was squarely on achieving a robust THC profile, which Panama Red exemplifies with distinction.

This low CBD concentration speaks to the strain’s primary use as a catalyst for creativity, social interaction, and an energized state of mind, rather than as a direct source of the more subtle, body-focused effects typically associated with higher CBD strains.

While the contemporary cannabis landscape has evolved to include a vast array of strains with varied cannabinoid profiles, Panama Red remains a testament to the historical cannabis experience, offering a window into the past and the cultivation priorities of the time. For those navigating the modern cannabis market, the distinct chemical makeup of Panama Red serves as a reminder of the diverse therapeutic and experiential potentials embedded within cannabis genetics.

While Panama Red might not be the first choice for those in pursuit of the distinct advantages tied to elevated CBD concentrations, it delivers a unique exploration of the euphoric, consciousness-broadening experiences that have enchanted connoisseurs for decades. Its enduring popularity underscores the continued appreciation for strains that prioritize a rich, THC-driven experience, offering both a nod to the past and a unique option within the broader spectrum of cannabis choices available today.


The visual allure of Panama Red Cannabis Seeds is a testament to the strain’s rich heritage and exceptional genetic lineage. Embarking on a descriptive journey of its appearance unveils a canvas of vibrant colors and distinctive features that not only capture the eye but also encapsulate the essence of its tropical origins.

The seeds themselves, precursors to the plants that have mesmerized enthusiasts for decades, hint at the robust vitality and unique characteristics they inherit.

Once germinated and brought to fruition, the Panama Red strain exhibits an arresting display of deep greens intertwined with fiery reds and oranges, a palette that mirrors the lively spirit and warmth of its Panamanian roots. As the plants mature, their slender sativa structure becomes adorned with leaves that stretch gracefully toward the light, a silhouette that speaks to their vigorous growth and energetic essence.

The buds, cradled by these verdant leaves, are a spectacle of color and texture. They bloom into dense, resinous clusters that are streaked with red and gold pistils, standing out against the backdrop of their foliage. This rich tapestry of colors is not merely an aesthetic pleasure but a signal of the strain’s potency and the intricate terpene profile that awaits the senses.

The trichomes that coat the surface of the buds add a final touch of brilliance, casting a shimmering layer that glistens like morning dew under the sunlight. This crystalline frost not only contributes to the visual splendor of Panama Red but also serves as a testament to the strain’s high cannabinoid content and the transcendent effects it is poised to deliver.

The overall appearance of Panama Red is a harmonious blend of form and function, a visual narrative that tells the story of its evolution, from the sun-drenched soils of Panama to the gardens and grow rooms of enthusiasts around the world.

The appearance of Panama Red Cannabis Seeds and the plants they produce is a vivid illustration of nature’s artistry, a blend of aesthetics and potency that has captivated the cannabis community for generations. This strain’s distinctive look is not just a feast for the eyes but a prelude to the rich, euphoric experiences it offers, making it a cherished gem in the world of cannabis cultivation

Plant Height:

The stature of plants grown from Panama Red Cannabis Seeds is notably tall, a characteristic trait that mirrors the sativa-dominant genetics it proudly carries. This strain, celebrated for its vigorous growth, reaches for the skies, often achieving considerable heights that can pose a delightful challenge for indoor cultivators and a majestic sight in outdoor gardens. The vertical ascent of Panama Red is a testament to its tropical heritage, where ample space and the freedom to stretch upwards are naturally provided by the open environment.

In indoor setups, growers may need to employ creative training techniques to manage the plant’s ambitious growth, ensuring that it thrives within the spatial limitations. Outdoors, however, Panama Red can fully express its grandeur, basking in the sunlight and fresh air, potentially reaching upwards of several feet.

This impressive height not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the plant but also hints at the bountiful harvests it can produce, given that more space often equates to more flowering sites. Cultivators who choose to embark on the journey of growing Panama Red are rewarded with a visually striking plant that stands as a testament to the powerful growth potential inherent in sativa strains.


Panama Red’s aromatic profile is a captivating journey through its rich lineage and the lush, natural landscapes of its origin. The initial earthy tones evoke the fertile, volcanic soils of Panama, grounding the fragrance with a deep, robust base. This earthiness, foundational to the aroma, sets the stage for a complex interplay of scents that mirror the diversity and richness of the strain’s natural environment. As the buds mature, the aroma evolves, unveiling a spicy complexity that hints at Panama’s historical role as a pivotal trade route.

These spice-laden notes blend with the initial earthiness to create a rich, intriguing scent profile that stimulates the senses and conjures images of ancient markets brimming with exotic spices. This spicy character is not just a nod to the geographical significance of Panama but also adds a layer of depth and complexity to the strain’s overall sensory experience.

The narrative of Panama Red’s aroma further unfolds with the emergence of fruity undertones. These notes range from the citrus’s sharp zest, cutting through the earthy and spicy base with a refreshing tang, to the sweet, mellow hints of berries, evoking the abundance of tropical fruits found in Panama’s rainforests.

This fruity bouquet adds a vibrant, refreshing layer to the aroma, reflecting the ecological diversity of its homeland and enhancing the strain’s overall appeal. Beyond the primary scents of earthiness, spice, and fruit, the aroma of Panama Red subtly incorporates floral and herbal nuances. These delicate notes add a final layer of sophistication, enriching the aromatic tapestry with their gentle presence.

They speak to the nuanced complexity of the strain, inviting a deeper sensory exploration and appreciation. The aroma of Panama Red is more than a mere characteristic; it is a sensory reflection of its storied history, environmental adaptation, and cultural significance. Each layer of its scent offers insight into the strain’s journey through time and space, from its origins in the fertile landscapes of Panama to its esteemed place in cannabis culture.

This rich aromatic profile invites not only enjoyment but also a deeper connection to the natural world and the historical pathways that have shaped the strain’s legacy. In essence, the distinctive and layered aromas of Panama Red are a testament to its enduring appeal and a reminder of the deep, intertwined relationships between nature, history, and human experience.


The flavor profile of Panama Red cannabis is a vivid testament to its rich heritage and the lush, tropical environment from which it hails. Upon the first encounter, the palate is greeted with a complexity of tastes that mirror the strain’s aromatic nuances, weaving a rich tapestry of sensory experiences. The initial notes are decidedly earthy, reminiscent of the deep, fertile soils of Panama’s forests, grounding the flavor in a natural, organic essence.

This earthiness serves as a robust foundation, setting the stage for the unfolding of more intricate flavor dimensions. As the experience deepens, the profile evolves, revealing layers of spice that speak to Panama’s historical significance as a nexus of global trade routes. These spicy notes, subtle yet distinct, add a warmth and depth to the flavor, invigorating the senses and hinting at the exotic landscapes and cultures that have influenced this strain’s development.

Following closely are the refreshing undertones of fruitiness, ranging from the tangy zest of citrus to the sweet lushness of ripe berries. This fruit-inspired palette introduces a refreshing contrast to the earthy and spicy flavors, offering a taste of the tropical abundance inherent to Panama Red’s origins.

Beyond these primary flavors, connoisseurs may detect hints of floral and herbal nuances, delicate touches that add sophistication and complexity to the strain’s profile. These lighter, more ephemeral flavors complement the more robust notes, creating a well-rounded and engaging tasting experience.

Each puff reveals a new layer, inviting a journey through the flavors that encapsulate Panama Red’s storied history and the natural beauty of its Panamanian roots. The flavor profile of Panama Red is not merely a characteristic of the strain but an immersive experience that serves as a conduit between historical roots and contemporary reality. It reflects the strain’s adaptation to its environment, its evolution alongside human cultivation, and its cultural significance.

This rich tapestry of flavors offers not only a delightful sensory experience but also a deeper appreciation for the complexity and diversity of cannabis. The unique and layered flavors of Panama Red stand as a tribute to its legacy, inviting both connoisseurs and casual consumers alike to savor the taste of history and the essence of Panama’s natural splendor.

In Conclusion:

The legacy of Panama Red cannabis seeds is a vivid tapestry that weaves through the annals of cannabis history, capturing the spirit of an era marked by profound cultural and social exploration. Born from the lush, fertile landscapes of Panama, this strain stands as a testament to the meticulous artistry and scientific acumen of generations of cultivators.

It has held its ground as a symbol of potency and purity, drawing enthusiasts into its fold with its striking aesthetics, intricate aromas, and deeply satisfying flavors, alongside the promise of an uplifting and creative high. Panama Red’s cultivation is a testament to the dedication required to maintain the integrity of cannabis’s genetic diversity, reflecting a deep-seated respect for the plant’s heritage that echoes within the community of those who nurture it.

As the broader canvas of cannabis continues to expand and transform, Panama Red serves as a touchstone of tradition, connecting us to the rich tapestry of history and nature from which it springs. Its sustained appeal is not just a nod to nostalgia but a beacon for the ongoing exploration of cannabis’s multifaceted potential, offering insights into wellness, creativity, and the power of shared experience

. In embracing the legacy of Panama Red, enthusiasts and newcomers alike partake in a historical journey, engaging with a strain that encapsulates the evolutionary path of cannabis. It stands as a living homage to the plant’s ability to fascinate, soothe, and bring people together, underscoring the significance of preserving such strains for future generations.

Thus, the story of Panama Red is more than the tale of a singular cannabis strain; it is a narrative about the enduring relationship between humanity and this versatile plant, celebrating our collective journey towards understanding, appreciation, and unity through the ages

Additional information

Best Use

ADHD, Daytime, Depression


100% Sativa

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Creative, Energetic, Euphoric


Citrus, Fruity, Grapefruit

Flowering Time Indoors

77-84 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors

Late October

Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

12 – 16 oz/m2

Outdoor Yield

16 oz/plant

Plant Height




Thriving Climate




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