501st OG Cannabis Seeds

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The 501st OG cannabis seeds are a gateway to cultivating a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain, delivering a dynamic blend of intense relaxation and gentle cerebral stimulation.

  • Known for its dense, resinous buds and striking deep purple hues
  • With a rich and earthy aroma, complemented by notes of pine and sweet berries
  • 18% THC effects, delivering a deeply relaxing and sedative high
  • 550 grams of cannabis per seed
  • It’s characteristics makes it stand out.



The 501st OG Cannabis Seeds represent an evolution in the cannabis cultivation sphere, underscoring the continuous drive towards achieving perfection in both potency and cultivation ease. Stemming from a lineage rich in heritage, the 501st OG is the culmination of intense genetic selection, marrying the finest qualities of its parent strains. Its genetic lineage can trace its roots back to the illustrious Skywalker OG and the classic Rare Dankness #1, both of which have bequeathed the 501st OG with attributes that are ardently sought after in today’s discerning cannabis market.

The visually arresting hues of its buds, varying from deep purples to vibrant greens, not only appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of cultivators but also hint at its potent phytochemical composition. Speaking of potency, one cannot ignore the substantial tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, which lends itself to the profoundly relaxing and euphoric experiences reported by its consumers. However, potency alone does not define the value of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds.

The ease of cultivation, a trait avidly desired by both novices and experts alike, positions this strain as a go-to choice for many. Its resilient nature, coupled with a relatively short flowering time, allows cultivators the luxury of a bountiful harvest without the prolonged anticipation. Aromatically, it exudes a complex profile, intertwining the earthy undertones with hints of berry, ensuring that its olfactory impact is as profound as its visual allure.

Yet, beyond the sensory delights, what truly distinguishes the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds is their capacity to consistently deliver uniform plants, alleviating the concerns of variability that sometimes plague cultivators. As the cannabis industry continues to expand, with discerning consumers seeking strains that offer both recreational and therapeutic benefits, the 501st OG is poised to carve its niche as a strain that seamlessly marries tradition with innovation.

Origin and Lineage:

The origin and lineage of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds is an intricate tapestry that captures the very essence of cannabis breeding, an art and science that requires meticulous attention to detail, vast knowledge, and passion. The 501st OG Cannabis Seeds is not merely a product of chance but is born out of deliberate genetic combinations to produce a strain that stands out in a sea of numerous cultivars. Its lineage is a testament to the rich history of cannabis cultivation, bringing together genetics from strains renowned for their unique characteristics.

At the heart of the 501st OG’s genetic makeup lies the influence of two celebrated parents: the Skywalker OG and the Rare Dankness #1. The Skywalker OG, itself, is a storied strain, renowned for its potent relaxation properties, likely derived from its own lineage of Skywalker and OG Kush. Its fame is not just based on potency, but also its rich terpene profile that offers a distinctive aroma, a mix of sweet and spicy with earthy undertones, hinting at its OG Kush ancestry.

On the other hand, Rare Dankness #1 has its own legacy, deeply embedded in the cannabis community. As a strain, it is recognized not just for the sheer power it brings but also for its resilience and growth characteristics, features that breeders often seek to introduce into new strains. The combination of these two powerhouses was not mere happenstance but a calculated endeavor to achieve a cannabis strain that embodies the best of both worlds.

With the 501st OG, what we witness is a harmonious blend of both its progenitors, a strain that speaks to the seasoned cannabis consumer and the curious novice alike. Its name may give an air of mystery, but its genetics provide clarity on its standing in the cannabis world. The intertwining of the Skywalker OG’s relaxation properties with the growth vigor of Rare Dankness #1 ensures that the 501st OG is more than just another strain; it’s a testament to the journey of cannabis breeding. This journey, while rooted in the past, points towards the future, a future where strains like the 501st OG continue to set the benchmark for excellence in cannabis cultivation.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

Growing the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds presents a harmonious blend of challenges and rewards for cultivators, regardless of their experience. While the strain inherits the robustness and resilience from its Rare Dankness #1 lineage, making it relatively forgiving to minor mistakes, it does require attention to certain specific needs to fully realize its potential. Cultivators are advised to maintain a balanced nutrient regimen, ensuring that the plant receives adequate nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium throughout its growth cycle. Lighting plays a pivotal role in the plant’s development; hence, ensuring optimal light exposure, particularly during its flowering phase, can greatly influence yield and potency.

Pruning and training techniques, such as the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) techniques can be utilized to maximize growth and bud production. This strain exhibits a medium height, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, growers must be vigilant about moisture levels, especially in the later stages of flowering, to prevent mold and mildew. Overall, while the 501st OG doesn’t demand an expert’s touch, it thrives under the hands of a dedicated cultivator, rewarding the effort with bountiful and potent harvests.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  1. Seed Germination: The 501st OG Cannabis Seeds typically sprout within 24-72 hours when placed in a moist environment.
  2. Growing Medium: This strain prefers a well-draining soil or coco coir blend for optimal root health and growth.
  3. Equipment: Employing pots with adequate drainage and trellis nets can assist in managing plant structure and maximizing yield.
  4. Lighting: The 501st OG benefits from full-spectrum LED lights, ensuring proper photosynthesis and vigorous growth during both vegetative and flowering phases.
  5. Nutrients: A balanced feed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, supplemented with micronutrients, enhances the 501st OG’s overall health and bud development.
  6. Temperature: Maintaining a temperature range of 68-77°F (20-25°C) is ideal for the 501st OG’s growth and flowering stages.
  7. Humidity: Aim for a relative humidity of 40-50% during flowering to reduce the potential for mold and mildew growth.
  8. Pruning: Regular pruning of lower leaves and non-productive branches enhances airflow and directs energy to bud-producing sites.

Flowering Phase:

  1. Lighting: The 501st OG thrives under full-spectrum LED lights, which bolster its vegetative growth and flowering potential.
  2. Nutrients: To nurture its growth, the 501st OG requires a well-balanced diet of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, complemented by essential micronutrients.
  3. Temperature: For optimal growth, the 501st OG’s preferred temperature range sits between 68-77°F (20-25°C).
  4. Humidity: Keeping the relative humidity within a 40-50% bracket during the flowering stage aids in preventing mold and mildew issues.
  5. Sexing: Identifying male plants early in the vegetative stage is crucial to prevent accidental pollination of female plants, ensuring seedless buds.


  1. Indicators: The shift in trichome color from clear to milky white, along with the yellowing of fan leaves, signals the readiness of the 501st OG for harvest.
  2. Technique: Utilizing the low-stress training (LST) method can enhance the canopy exposure, ensuring even light distribution for all bud sites of the 501st OG.
  3. Curing: After a thorough drying process, the 501st OG buds should be placed in airtight jars, opened periodically, and cured for at least 4-6 weeks to refine flavor and potency.

Common Challenges:

  1. Pests: The 501st OG, like many cannabis strains, can be susceptible to spider mites and aphids, necessitating regular checks and preventative measures.
  2. Nutrient Imbalance: Yellowing or curling of leaves in the 501st OG might indicate a nutrient imbalance, requiring adjustments in feeding schedules.
  3. Over/Under Watering: Overly droopy or crispy leaves in the 501st OG plant can signify over-watering or under-watering respectively, emphasizing the need for consistent watering practices.

Additional Tips:

  1. Training Techniques: Implementing techniques such as low-stress training (LST) and topping can enhance the 501st OG’s yield and overall canopy health.
  2. Climate: The 501st OG prefers a temperate climate with consistent temperatures between 68-77°F (20-25°C) for optimal growth.
  3. Testing: Periodic soil and leaf tissue testing can provide valuable insights into the 501st OG’s nutrient needs and overall health status.

Germination time:

The germination process of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds unfolds as a meticulous ballet of nature, where patience is rewarded with the promise of growth. While the germination time can vary slightly depending on environmental factors and the quality of seeds, the 501st OG typically begins its journey to plant maturity within a window of 24 to 72 hours post-initiation of the germination process. This period, although brief in the grand lifecycle of the plant, is crucial and indicative of the seed’s vitality.

A moist environment, whether facilitated through the popular paper towel method, direct soil sowing, or using peat pellets, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the rapid and healthy sprouting of the seed. During this time, it is not uncommon for cultivators to anxiously anticipate the first sign of life, the tiny white rootlet, also known as the radicle, breaking free from the seed casing. This emergence is a declaration of the seed’s intent to grow and a testament to its inherent quality. The 501st OG, with its robust genetics, offers a consistent germination rate, making it a favorite among cultivators.

However, while the average germination time lies within the aforementioned timeframe, external factors such as temperature, moisture levels, and seed storage conditions can influence this duration. It is, therefore, paramount for growers to ensure optimal conditions to witness the seamless transition of the 501st OG from seed to seedling. Once germinated, the journey of cultivation truly begins, but those initial hours of germination lay the foundation for the growth trajectory of this esteemed strain.

Wellness and 501st OG Cannabis Seeds:

Diving into the wellness realm, the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds have birthed a strain that resonates profoundly with both recreational users and those seeking therapeutic benefits. The nuanced effects of the 501st OG make it an intriguing choice for a multitude of individuals. Central to its allure lies the fusion of tranquility and elation, a harmonious convergence of feelings that tend to the well-being of both the mind and body. Following ingestion, individuals frequently describe an initial surge of cerebral upliftment, a gentle nudge that clears mental fog and offers a prism through which the world appears sharper and more vibrant.

This mental clarity, rather than leading to hyperactivity, seems to gently settle into a state of peaceful introspection. The body, in turn, is enveloped in a blanket of warmth and relaxation, relieving tensions and easing the aches that might ail it. For individuals battling chronic pain, the 501st OG serves as a beacon of relief, offering an alternative to traditional pain relief methodologies.

Beyond the physical, the strain also shines in its capacity to alleviate psychological burdens. Anxiety, stress, and depressive tendencies find themselves muted, replaced with a sense of optimism and tranquility. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the profound effects of the 501st OG also carry with them a cautionary note. Novice users or those sensitive to THC might find its potency slightly overwhelming, leading to moments of heightened paranoia or anxiety. Responsible consumption is, therefore, advised. The wellness potential of the 501st OG extends beyond the immediate effects.

With the global shift towards holistic wellness, cannabis strains like the 501st OG are finding their place not just as tools of recreation but as integral components of an individual’s overall wellness strategy. In an age where mental well-being is as paramount as physical health, the dual-action relief offered by this strain positions it as a forerunner in the cannabis wellness movement. In summary, the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds, while rooted in traditional cannabis cultivation, offer a modern solution to age-old challenges, ensuring that its legacy is not just of recreational enjoyment but of holistic well-being.

CBD Levels:

The discussion surrounding 501st OG Cannabis Seeds would be incomplete without delving into its CBD levels, a critical aspect of its composition in today’s rapidly evolving cannabis landscape. CBD, or cannabidiol, has emerged as a guiding light in the modern wellness industry, appreciated for its potential therapeutic properties devoid of the typical psychoactive effects associated with THC. While the 501st OG is predominantly renowned for its THC potency, it is also noteworthy for its CBD content.

While strains high in THC typically feature lower CBD concentrations, the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds adheres to this general pattern, albeit with a noticeable CBD presence. While it may not rival strains cultivated exclusively for high CBD content, the inclusion of CBD in the 501st OG contributes to a well-rounded entourage effect. In this phenomenon, THC and CBD, in conjunction with other cannabinoids and terpenes, collaborate synergistically to enhance the overall experience and potential benefits of the strain.

This harmonious interaction is believed to moderate the intensity of THC’s effects, ensuring that while the user experiences the euphoria and relaxation synonymous with THC-rich strains, the presence of CBD potentially tempers any overstimulation, leading to a smoother and more grounded experience. This balance is particularly beneficial for medical cannabis users, as the moderating influence of CBD can make THC’s therapeutic benefits more accessible without overwhelming psychoactive effects.

Furthermore, as research continues to explore the myriad benefits of CBD, from its anti-inflammatory properties to potential neuroprotective effects, even strains with moderate CBD levels, like the 501st OG, come under the spotlight. It’s crucial to recognize that while the 501st OG might not be the go-to choice for those seeking high CBD concentrations exclusively, its balanced profile offers a holistic cannabis experience, where the dance between THC and CBD creates a nuanced tapestry of effects and benefits. In essence, the 501st OG stands as a testament to the complexities and wonders of cannabis genetics, reminding us that the value of a strain is often found in its balance and harmony rather than in extremities.


The allure of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds, once germinated and grown to fruition, is undeniably magnified by its striking appearance, a visual symphony that captures the very spirit of its rich lineage. As the plants mature, one cannot help but be captivated by the intricate interplay of colors, textures, and structures that the 501st OG displays. Dominated by deep green hues reminiscent of dense forests, the leaves of this strain are generously interspersed with bursts of purples and blues, evoking the twilight’s mystical charm.

These vibrant colors are not mere aesthetic delights but are indicative of the plant’s anthocyanin content, a type of flavonoid that responds to cooler temperatures during the flowering phase. The buds of the 501st OG further accentuate its beauty. Cloaked in a thick blanket of trichomes, they glitter like jewels under light, hinting at the potency and richness of cannabinoids and terpenes within.

These trichomes, while serving as a visual treat, are also the factories of the plant’s chemical compounds, their crystalline structure shimmering with promise. Contrasting the trichomes’ glistening sheen, vibrant orange to red pistils weave their way through the buds, adding another layer of visual depth and intrigue. These hair-like structures, initially pale and colorless, become more pronounced and change hue as the plant nears maturity, serving as a sign of its maturity for harvesting. In terms of structure, the 501st OG displays a dense, compact bud formation, a testament to its indica-leaning genetics.

The buds are often conical, tapering at the top, and exude a robustness that’s palpable to touch. Beyond the buds, the plant’s stature, medium in height with robust branches, speaks to its resilience and vigor. All these visual elements combined make the 501st OG a masterpiece of botanical artistry, a strain that demands admiration not just for its effects or lineage, but for the sheer visual poetry it brings to cultivation spaces. In essence, the 501st OG serves as a poignant reminder that in the world of cannabis, beauty and potency often walk hand in hand.

Plant Height:

Delving into the architectural intricacies of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds, once they bloom into full-fledged plants, their height emerges as a defining characteristic, encapsulating a balance between manageability and grandeur. As cultivators well know, the stature of a cannabis plant plays a crucial role in dictating cultivation strategies, space allocations, and even yield predictions. The 501st OG, in its glory, typically exhibits a medium height, a testament to its genetic lineage and its indica-leaning tendencies. This medium stature offers several advantages. Firstly, it makes the strain versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Indoor growers often grapple with space constraints, where towering plants can pose challenges in terms of light distribution and canopy management. The 501st OG’s height ensures that while it stands robust and proud, it doesn’t overwhelm enclosed spaces, allowing for optimal light exposure and ease of maintenance. For outdoor cultivators, its medium height means the plant is less susceptible to being spotted, providing a semblance of discretion, while also being sturdy enough to withstand the whims of nature.

This balanced height is not merely a result of genetics yet it can also be shaped by environmental elements. Lighting, nutrients, and even training techniques can play a role in determining the final height of the plant. Techniques like topping and low-stress training can be employed to manage and even manipulate its growth trajectory.

Furthermore, the plant’s height speaks volumes about its potential yield. While height alone doesn’t determine yield, the 501st OG’s robust stature ensures ample space for bud sites, promising a bountiful harvest for the dedicated cultivator. Beyond the practicalities, there’s an aesthetic charm to its medium height. The plant stands as a testament to nature’s balance, neither sprawling uncontrollably nor stunted, but just right in its majesty. In essence, the height of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds is a reflection of its inherent balance, a trait that extends beyond physical dimensions into its effects, potency, and overall cultivation experience. In a world where extremes often capture attention, the 501st OG reminds us of the beauty and efficiency of moderation.


The aroma of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds, once they mature into full-fledged plants, is an olfactory tapestry that weaves together the rich legacy of its parent strains, beckoning connoisseurs and novices alike to partake in a sensory journey. Much like various aspects of life, initial impressions hold significance, and the initial whiff of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds is nothing short of transformative. It envelopes the senses with a robust earthy undertone, reminiscent of a forest floor after a refreshing rain.

This grounding base note is beautifully juxtaposed with subtle hints of sweetness, offering a counterbalance that intrigues and invites deeper exploration. As one immerses deeper into its aromatic profile, there emerges a delicate dance of pine and spiciness, intertwining in a harmonious blend that speaks volumes about its Skywalker OG lineage. Yet, the aroma of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds is not just a linear journey. As the buds are broken apart, there’s an unmistakable release of berry-like nuances, adding a fruity dimension that tantalizes the palate even before consumption.

This multi-layered aromatic profile is no accident. It’s a direct reflection of the plant’s rich terpene content, chemical compounds responsible for the distinctive scents and flavors of different cannabis strains. Beyond mere sensory pleasure, these terpenes play a pivotal role in shaping the overall experience of the strain, contributing to the much-vaunted entourage effect where they synergize with cannabinoids to enhance therapeutic and psychoactive properties.

The aroma of the 501st OG is not just a fleeting sensory experience but a marker of its quality, potency, and cultivation care. For cultivators, the maturing aroma during the flowering stage serves as a testament to their efforts, signaling the approaching harvest time. For consumers, it sets the stage for the ensuing experience, a promise of the richness to come. In essence, the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds stands as a fragrant testament to the wonders of cannabis genetics and cultivation, reminding us that sometimes, the most profound experiences are those that engage, captivate, and elevate our senses.


The flavor profile of the 501st OG, emanating from the mature buds of plants grown from these seeds, is akin to a gourmet experience that effortlessly traverses between the familiar and the exotic. It’s not just about the act of consumption; it’s an immersive journey that beckons the palate to explore and savor. At the forefront, one is greeted with a pronounced earthy richness, a taste that evokes the primal essence of nature, grounding and profound.

This foundational earthiness, reminiscent of its aromatic counterpart, sets the stage for the flavor’s evolving narrative. As it lingers on the palate, there emerges a delicate interplay of sweetness, akin to freshly picked berries on a sun-drenched morning. The fruity undercurrent introduces an element of intricacy to the flavor, balancing the robustness of its earthy base. But the 501st OG’s flavor doesn’t stop there. With each successive exhale, there’s a subtle hint of pine and spice, a nod to its Skywalker OG lineage, introducing a refreshing sharpness that invigorates and enlivens the senses.

This multi-dimensional flavor profile is a testament to the strain’s rich terpene content. Terpenes, the aromatic oils that give cannabis its distinctive flavors and scents, play a crucial role in shaping the 501st OG’s taste. Beyond the sheer sensory delight, these terpenes, when combined with cannabinoids, contribute to the holistic experience of the strain, influencing both its therapeutic and psychoactive properties. The flavor of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds, therefore, is more than just a gustatory pleasure

. It’s an indicator of the strain’s quality, its genetic lineage, and the care with which it has been cultivated. For those who partake, the flavor becomes an integral part of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds’s experience, setting the tone for the journey ahead, be it for relaxation, therapeutic relief, or introspection. In a world brimming with myriad cannabis strains, each vying for attention, the 501st OG stands out not just for its potency or appearance but for its intricate flavor that celebrates the very essence of nature and botanical craftsmanship.

In Conclusion:

In reflecting upon the journey through the intricacies and allure of the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds, one is struck by the profound depth and richness that this strain brings to the vast tapestry of the cannabis world. Born from a lineage that marries the strength and characteristics of celebrated parent strains, the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds stands as a demonstration of the expertise and methodology of cannabis breeding. Its visual appeal, with its captivating hues, is but the surface of its multi-dimensional charm.

Dive deeper, and one encounters an aromatic and flavor profile that is both complex and inviting, offering a sensory experience that goes beyond mere consumption. The nuanced balance of its THC and CBD content, coupled with the synergistic dance of its terpenes, makes the 501st OG not just a strain for recreational indulgence but additionally a valuable companion in the quest for comprehensive health and wellness.

Cultivators, from novices to seasoned experts, will find in the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds a plant that is both rewarding to grow and bountiful in its yield. Its growth characteristics, resilience, and medium stature make it a versatile choice for various cultivation setups. Yet, beyond its tangible traits, what truly sets the 501st OG apart is its embodiment of balance. From its flavor to its effects, from its appearance to its growth patterns, it reminds us of the beauty of equilibrium.

In conclusion, the 501st OG Cannabis Seeds offer more than just a plant; they present an experience, a journey that traverses the spectrum of sensory delights and therapeutic potential. In an ever-evolving cannabis landscape, this strain solidifies its position not by mere potency but by its harmonious blend of characteristics, making it a timeless choice for enthusiasts and cultivators alike.

Additional information

Best Use

Depression, Pain, Stress


30% Sativa, 70% Indica

CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Flowering Time Indoors

55-65 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors


Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

400 g/m²

Plant Height


Outdoor Yield

550 g/plant



Thriving Climate

Mediterranean climate



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    I absolutely love the fruity taste it has. The seeds grew so fast I was stunned. 10/10 quality and servise. I will never order from anyplace now that I found this trustworthy website.

  2. Rey Luna

    The delivery was a day late but I didn’t really mind that. I’ve been growing my own seeds since 2018 and I’ve been enjoying the stress-free evening after work since then. I’ll order again from here.

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    I was so excited to receive my order and the quality lived up to my expectations. The seeds are healthy looking and I’m so excited to harvest them in a few days.

  4. Finley Jordan

    The taste of this strain was out of my expectations. I placed another order two days ago and Im so thrilled to receive it. So far no issues what so ever.

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