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Alien OG cannabis seeds offer a stellar and potent strain that merges the out-of-this-world effects of Alien Kush with the legendary OG genetics.

  • Transports users to a celestial realm of deep relaxation and euphoria
  • 16 oz cannabis per plant
  • 25% THC resulting in a mind-bending and relaxing experience
  • Tangy and refreshing zest of lemon and citrus



Unquestionably, the world of cannabis breeding has seen unparalleled advancements over the past few decades. Among the stellar lineages that have gained acclaim in recent times is a particularly potent strain, renowned for its balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics. This strain’s origins trace back to two iconic parent plants: Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg. Together, they birthed a hybrid that showcases a harmonious equilibrium of invigorating cerebral stimulation and profound body relaxation. Both aficionados and newcomers alike laud it for its exceptional quality and potency. The cultivation of these cannabis seeds requires a level of expertise. Flourishing in temperate climates, the plant tends to develop dense, resin-covered buds that exude an intoxicating aroma. A blend of earthy pine with hints of lemon and a subtle spiciness characterizes its scent profile, enticing cultivators and consumers alike. Its taste mirrors this, delivering a robust flavor that lingers long after consumption.

Its effects are equally impressive. Consuming it results in an almost immediate onset of cerebral invigoration. It offers users a soaring uplift in mood, accompanied by a surge of creativity and focus. Not long after, the indica genetics kick in, wrapping the user in a cocoon of deep physical tranquility, making it an ideal choice for evening use or during moments when relaxation is paramount. Due to its potency, it’s advisable for novices to approach with caution, as its effects can be intense. Besides its recreational appeal, it also boasts potential therapeutic benefits. Many individuals have reported relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, to name a few. Its dual-action, both mentally and physically, allows for a comprehensive alleviation of discomfort, further cementing its position as a strain of choice for many. In the competitive realm of cannabis breeding, it’s a testament to the prowess of its breeders that this strain stands tall, undeterred by the myriad of other offerings in the market. The culmination of its compelling aroma, flavor, effects, and therapeutic benefits has solidified its status as a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. The seeds, when cultivated with care and expertise, promise a yield that is nothing short of spectacular, both in quantity and quality. As we move forward, the continued popularity of such strains is not just expected but inevitable, as they represent the pinnacle of what cannabis genetics has to offer.

Origin and Lineage:

In the intricate tapestry of cannabis genetics, certain strains emerge as legends, etching their influence across generations. A prime example arises from the fusion of the enigmatic Tahoe OG and the exotic Lemon Alien Dawg. This union, masterfully crafted by seasoned breeders, has resulted in a hybrid that embraces the best of both worlds. Delving into the depths of its lineage offers a tantalizing glimpse into its storied past. Tahoe OG, hailing from the serene shores of Lake Tahoe, is an indica-dominant variety renowned for its swift-acting and potent effects. With its roots deeply entrenched in the Californian cannabis culture, this strain has earned accolades for its sedative attributes, making it a favored choice for those seeking deep relaxation and pain relief. Its buds, generously coated with trichomes, exude a fragrant aroma of earthy citrus and pine, a testament to its rich terpene profile. In contrast, Lemon Alien Dawg, a progeny of Alien Dawg and Lemon Kush, brings a unique amalgamation of flavors and effects to the table.

This strain, distinguished by its lemony zest intertwined with a pungent diesel undertone, offers a cerebral uplift coupled with a sense of physical calm. Its genetics can be traced back to strains that have roamed the cannabis landscape for decades, each contributing a piece to the complex puzzle that is its genetic makeup. When these two titans converged, the result was a strain of unparalleled harmony. Its balanced genetic profile ensures an experience that starts with a euphoric cerebral rush, swiftly followed by a wave of physical tranquility. Cultivators cherish its seeds for the promise they hold – plants that grow with vigor, bearing dense, resin-laden buds that shimmer with potency. These buds, when set aflame, release an intoxicating bouquet of scents, a symphony of its parent strains’ best attributes. This strain’s legacy, rooted in its impressive ancestry, has left a huge mark on the cannabis community. Those fortunate enough to partake in its offerings often speak of an experience that transcends the ordinary, transporting them to a realm where mind and body find their zenith in blissful synchrony. As we traverse the evolving narrative of cannabis breeding, this hybrid stands as a beacon, illuminating the possibilities that arise when iconic genetics intertwine.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

Recognized for its particular demands, it’s considered a strain of moderate difficulty to cultivate. Thriving primarily in temperate climates, it responds best to consistent lighting and a stable environment. Proper ventilation is paramount, given its dense bud structure, to prevent mold and mildew. Regular pruning is advisable to maximize airflow and light penetration, ensuring uniform growth. Soil enriched with organic matter, paired with optimal pH levels, accentuates its growth potential. While indoor cultivation offers greater control, outdoor environments, when favorable, can yield more abundant harvests. Consistent feeding, monitoring for pests, and ensuring adequate moisture levels are critical for a bountiful harvest. With careful attention to these nuances, cultivators can unlock the full potential of this exceptional strain, reaping rewards that justify the meticulous care required.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: Alien OG seeds typically require a moist environment and 72 hours for successful germination.
  • Growing Medium: Alien OG thrives in well-aerated soil enriched with organic matter.
  • Equipment: Ensure pots have adequate drainage and consider trellis support for branching during the vegetative stage.
  • Lighting: This strain benefits from a consistent 18/6 light schedule during vegetation and 12/12 during flowering.
  • Nutrients: Alien OG prefers a balanced nutrient feed, with added potassium and phosphorous during flowering phase.
  • Temperature: Maintaining a daytime temperature of 70-80°F (21-27°C) ensures optimal growth.
  • Humidity: Keep relative humidity levels around 40-50% during the flowering stage to prevent mold.
  • Pruning: Regularly prune the lower branches to promote airflow and energy allocation to the top buds.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: Alien OG benefits from intense and consistent lighting, adhering to an 18/6 schedule during vegetation and 12/12 during flowering.
  • Nutrients: Optimal growth is achieved with a balanced nutrient mix, increasing potassium and phosphorous input during its flowering stage.
  • Temperature: Ideal growth temperatures range between 70-80°F (21-27°C) for Alien OG.
  • Humidity: To avoid mold and optimize growth, maintain a relative humidity level of 40-50% during flowering.
  • Sexing: Monitoring plants closely during early flowering helps distinguish male plants from female ones, ensuring timely removal of males.


  • Indicators: When Alien OG is ready for harvest, most trichomes will turn milky white with a few adopting an amber hue.
  • Technique: Employ the “Screen of Green” (SCROG) technique to maximize yields and support dense bud development.
  • Curing: After initial drying, store Alien OG buds in airtight jars, opened briefly daily, for a period of 4-6 weeks to enhance flavor and potency.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Alien OG plants can attract spider mites and aphids; regular monitoring and natural repellents are recommended.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: This strain may exhibit yellowing leaves or burnt tips when subjected to nutrient imbalances, necessitating careful feeding schedules.
  • Over/Under Watering: Alien OG’s dense buds can become susceptible to mold if over-watered, while under-watering may lead to drooping and weakened growth.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques:Alien OG responds well to techniques like Low-Stress Training (LST) and topping to optimize canopy light exposure and yield.
  • Climate: This strain prefers a temperate climate, with temperatures ranging from 70-80°F (21-27°C) for optimal growth.
  • Testing: Regular pH and EC testing of the soil or growing medium ensures the ideal environment for Alien OG’s nutrient absorption.

Germination time:

In the intricate world of cannabis cultivation, understanding the nuances of seed germination is paramount for a successful grow. The time it takes for seeds to break dormancy and sprout plays a crucial role in planning and determining the course of the plant’s life cycle. Typically, for strains stemming from the genetic union of Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg, the germination process showcases a consistent pattern. Once provided with the right conditions – a moist environment devoid of excessive light and a steady temperature range – these seeds generally begin their journey of transformation within 24 to 72 hours. However, it’s noteworthy that there can be outliers; occasionally, some seeds might take a tad longer, perhaps extending to a week. Patience becomes a virtue during this phase, as undue interference or hasty judgments can disrupt the delicate process. By ensuring optimal conditions and attentively monitoring the seeds, cultivators set the stage for robust seedlings to emerge, ready to transition to their vegetative stage. This germination window, although seemingly brief in the grand scheme of a plant’s life, lays the foundation for the health, vigor, and productivity of the forthcoming plant. Thus, understanding and respecting this crucial time frame is integral to the eventual success of the cultivation endeavor.

Wellness and Alien OG Cannabis seeds:

The world of cannabis has always been rife with tales of holistic wellness and profound experiences. When one delves into strains that originate from the melding of Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg genetics, it’s evident that such tales are not just stories, but lived realities for many. This particular hybrid, a testament to expert breeding, offers a blend of both invigorating and calming effects, making it a sought-after choice for diverse needs. From the onset, its consumption is often marked by a burst of cerebral stimulation. Users frequently report heightened senses, enhanced creativity, and a keen sense of focus. This wave of euphoria can serve as a boon for those grappling with stress, anxiety, or even the mundane doldrums of everyday life. It’s a mental uplift that can illuminate the dimmest of days, casting aside shadows and allowing one to view the world with renewed clarity. Yet, this cerebral journey doesn’t stand alone. As moments pass, a deep-seated physical relaxation begins to take root. The body feels unburdened, as if a gentle, comforting weight settles over muscles and joints, dissipating pain and tension. This attribute is particularly beneficial for those seeking relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms, or even insomnia. The dual-action, of mind invigoration followed by body tranquility, ensures a holistic experience that addresses both mental and physical discomforts.

Moreover, beyond the recreational allure, there’s a growing chorus of voices that highlight its potential therapeutic benefits. Preliminary anecdotes and emerging research point towards its efficacy in managing symptoms of various ailments. The relief it provides isn’t just transient but can be profound, changing the very quality of life for many. Like all potent strains, a note of caution is warranted. Its effects, particularly for those new to cannabis or those with a low tolerance, can be intense. Responsible, moderated consumption is always advisable. Over time, with experience, users learn to harness its benefits to their maximum, aligning usage with specific needs and desired outcomes. As the discourse around cannabis evolves, and as more strains like this hybrid emerge, the bridge between wellness and cannabis only promises to grow stronger, redefining health and well-being paradigms for countless individuals.

CBD Levels:

In the intricate tapestry of cannabis genetics, certain strains have carved a niche for themselves, not just for their intoxicating effects but also for their medicinal potential. One such strain, birthed from the union of Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg, has garnered attention for its unique cannabinoid profile. Central to this profile is CBD, or cannabidiol, a compound increasingly recognized for its myriad therapeutic benefits without the intoxicating effects commonly associated with THC.

The CBD levels in this strain present an interesting dynamic. While it’s predominantly known for its THC potency, the CBD content is not to be overlooked. Generally, the CBD levels in this particular hybrid are moderate, neither exceptionally high nor negligible. This balance ensures that while users experience the euphoric and psychoactive effects traditionally associated with THC-rich strains, the presence of CBD offers an added layer of therapeutic relief. CBD’s anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anxiolytic properties can potentially enhance the strain’s overall wellness profile. For individuals seeking relief from ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, or inflammation, the CBD content in this strain can play a pivotal role. While it may not match the high CBD levels seen in strains cultivated specifically for medicinal use, its balanced cannabinoid profile provides a holistic experience. Users often report a synergy between THC and CBD, where the compounds work in tandem, amplifying each other’s benefits and mitigating potential side effects. The burgeoning interest in CBD-rich strains has led to extensive research and breeding efforts to enhance the CBD content in various strains. However, strains like this, which naturally possess a balanced profile, exemplify the beauty of nature’s design. The equilibrium of THC and CBD underscores the idea that cannabis’s therapeutic potential isn’t tied to a singular compound but arises from the harmony of its constituents. When exploring strains derived from Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg genetics, one discovers a world where recreational enjoyment meets therapeutic potential. The moderate CBD levels, while not the strain’s headline feature, play an indispensable role in shaping its effects and benefits. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve and as users become more discerning, the nuanced understanding of cannabinoid profiles and their implications will undoubtedly shape the future of cannabis consumption and cultivation.


A visual journey into its attributes is akin to appreciating a piece of natural art, deeply imbued with the signature traits of its ancestry. At first glance, the dense bud structure is immediately evident, showcasing tightly-packed green calyxes. These buds are generously adorned with a shimmering coat of trichomes, bestowing upon them a frosty, almost ethereal look. This crystalline sheen is not just an indicator of potency but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall visual appeal. Interspersed among the green are vibrant orange pistils, which twist and curl, adding a fiery contrast to the cool backdrop.

The leaves, ranging from deep forest green to slightly paler shades, are often streaked with hints of purple. This purplish hue, more pronounced under specific growing conditions, is a tribute to the strain’s genetic depth and its ability to produce anthocyanin pigments in cooler temperatures. When subjected to colder conditions during the night phase of its flowering cycle, the purple becomes more prominent, turning the buds into a visual symphony of colors. Beyond just the color palette, the texture and feel of the buds are equally intriguing. When touched, they offer a certain resilience, neither too dry nor overly moist, indicative of a well-cured specimen. The trichomes, while delicate, give the buds a slightly sticky touch, hinting at the rich reservoir of cannabinoids and terpenes within. This strain, a product of Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg genetics, is a visual delight for both cultivators and consumers alike. Its appearance tells a story, not just of its immediate effects but of its storied lineage, cultivation journey, and the intricate dance of nature that results in such a marvel. As the appreciation for cannabis evolves beyond just its psychoactive effects, the aesthetic qualities of strains like this will undoubtedly occupy center stage, merging the worlds of botany, art, and holistic wellness.

Plant Height:

In the expansive world of cannabis cultivation, understanding the growth patterns of different strains is paramount. One hybrid, resulting from the union of Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg genetics, offers a growth trajectory that cultivators should keenly note. This strain, distinguished not just by its effects and flavors, but also by its stature, often exhibits a medium to tall height. Its vertical growth can be attributed to its genetic lineage, with influences from both indica and sativa backgrounds. The plant’s propensity to stretch, especially during the early stages of the flowering cycle, requires ample vertical space. As it reaches for the light, the internodal spacing becomes evident, with branches extending outward, forming a bushy yet towering structure. This growth pattern necessitates strategic planning in indoor grow setups, ensuring that lighting systems can be adjusted to accommodate the plant’s height while avoiding any potential light burn. Additionally, for cultivators looking to optimize canopy management, techniques like topping or Low-Stress Training (LST) can be employed to control its vertical surge and encourage bushier growth. Such interventions not only harness the plant’s natural growth tendencies but also maximize yield potential. In essence, this strain’s stature is a testament to its robust genetics and, when managed with insight and care, can lead to flourishing cultivation outcomes.


Undoubtedly, when addressing the olfactory profile of certain Cannabis seeds, the complex blend of scents can transport one into a realm of mysterious and intricate landscapes. The evocative nature of these aromas captures the essence of myriad influences, intertwining the earthy, pungent notes characteristic of primal forests with subtle nuances reminiscent of the most elusive spices. It’s akin to an olfactive journey, where each inhale beckons with a multitude of layers, each more compelling than the previous. Pine, skunk, and diesel converge seamlessly, creating a backdrop against which bursts of citrus and pepper playfully engage the senses. It’s this melange of contrasting yet harmoniously intertwined scents that lends a transcendent character to these seeds, setting them apart from the ordinary.

Diving deeper into this aromatic tapestry, one cannot ignore the crisp undertones of pine needles, evoking images of age-old trees towering majestically against the horizon, their boughs whispering ancient tales to those willing to listen. This woodsy essence seamlessly melds with the more assertive, robust scent of skunk, a signature aroma that aficionados across the globe have come to associate with potent strains. Yet, even as the skunk’s commanding presence asserts itself, a sharp, almost acrid undertone reminiscent of diesel cuts through, infusing the air with an audacious intensity that’s impossible to ignore. Moreover, the complexity doesn’t end here. Dancing around this robust foundation are lighter, zestier notes. The lively spark of citrus tickles the nostrils, a refreshing contrast that brings forth images of sun-kissed orchards where nature’s bounty thrives in radiant splendor. It’s this very hint of citrus that intertwines with the more biting edge of pepper, introducing an invigorating kick that awakens the senses and commands undivided attention. Such an intricate balance of diverse aromas isn’t just a mere coincidence. It’s a testament to nature’s prowess, a symphony orchestrated by unseen forces that bewitches and enchants in equal measure. The aroma of these particular Cannabis seeds isn’t merely a scent; it’s an experience. An experience that narrates a tale of nature’s ingenuity, of contrasts and harmonies, and of the timeless dance between the familiar and the exotic. Such seeds are not just a product of nature; they stand as a tribute to the boundless potential that emerges when myriad influences coalesce into a singular, unforgettable essence.


Within the expansive realm of Cannabis seeds, there exists a flavor profile of unparalleled uniqueness, defying mere verbal description and asserting the necessity of firsthand experience. The palate, upon initial introduction to this intricate medley, embarks on a captivating odyssey, traversing tastes as distinct as they are profound. The initial encounter unfolds with an earthy opulence, evoking memories of fertile soils after a refreshing rain, profound and grounding. This foundational flavor serves as the threshold to the more pronounced yet harmoniously intertwined notes that render this strain indelible. In an abrupt transition, as if ascending from this terrestrial foundation, one is welcomed by the tangy and invigorating zest of lemon and citrus, delivering a vibrant, sun-drenched waltz upon the taste buds. The citric explosion, though commanding, refrains from overshadowing; instead, it seamlessly merges with a faintly spicy and peppery undercurrent, contributing depth and intrigue to each inhalation. This juxtaposition of the invigorating and the robust signifies the consummate union of contradictions, with neither element overpowering the other.

Nonetheless, as one continues to unravel this olfactory and gustatory tapestry, a subtle sweetness emerges. This sugary undercurrent, reminiscent of ripened fruits, harmonizes the spiciness, forging a multifaceted experience where each flavor note enjoys its moment in the spotlight. As the flavors persist in unfolding, a whisper of pine emerges, crisp and fresh, reminiscent of untouched coniferous forests. This piney grace imparts a refreshing coolness, providing a revitalizing counterpoint to the more robust flavors interwoven in the composition. Yet, what truly distinguishes the flavor of this strain is its perpetual evolution. With each subsequent encounter, discerning nuances previously overlooked becomes possible, a testament to its intricate and multifaceted character. Each taste is akin to a deep dive into a lush tapestry, woven with threads of myriad flavors, each contributing to the crafting of an unparalleled gustatory epic.  This strain proffers more than mere flavor; it offers an expedition, a voyage into the very essence of nature translated into taste. The amalgamation of earthiness, zest, spice, sweetness, and freshness encapsulates the marvels of nature’s alchemical artistry. These seeds are not mere conveyors of flavor; they are bearers of narratives, whispered secrets from the heart of the earth, patiently awaiting appreciation and exultation.

In Conclusion:

In the vast expanse of Cannabis seeds, certain strains emerge that truly encapsulate the zenith of botanical mastery, offering experiences that transcend the ordinary. The culmination of years of meticulous cultivation and a testament to nature’s grandeur, this particular strain stands as a beacon, highlighting the potential that lies in the fusion of diverse genetic lineages. Its aroma and flavor, as previously elaborated, serve as compelling narratives, drawing enthusiasts into a sensory odyssey that’s both complex and profound. The attributes of this strain aren’t limited merely to its sensory allure. The effects it induces, both mentally and physically, bear testimony to its impeccable lineage. Offering a harmonious blend of relaxation and cerebral stimulation, it strikes a delicate balance, ensuring neither aspect overwhelms the other. Those who partake often speak of an enlightened clarity, a sharpening of perception, interwoven with a soothing calmness that envelopes the body. Such duality ensures that the user is granted the gift of introspection without being anchored too heavily to the terrestrial realm.

Moreover, its widespread acclaim isn’t just a result of recreational appreciation. There have been whispers within the community of its potential therapeutic benefits. While comprehensive studies are yet to conclusively define its full spectrum of medicinal applications, anecdotal evidence suggests potential in addressing certain ailments, further amplifying its esteem within both recreational and medicinal circles. Its cultivation characteristics further its reputation. A resilient growth pattern combined with the promise of rich yields makes it a favored choice among cultivators, both novice and experienced. This strain, in many ways, signifies the harmonious confluence of nature’s raw power and human ingenuity. Through careful breeding and cultivation, what has emerged is a strain that not only captivates the senses but also offers immense potential for future exploration. This strain stands as a monumental testament to the world of Cannabis. Its multifaceted allure, ranging from its tantalizing aroma and flavor to its profound effects and cultivation characteristics, places it in a league of its own. As the chapters of its story continue to unfold, one thing remains certain: it’s not merely a strain; it’s a symphony of nature and nurture, an epitome of botanical brilliance, awaiting its rightful recognition in the annals of Cannabis history.


Additional information

Best Use

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


50% Indica, 50% Sativa

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted


Citrus, Earthy, Pine

Flowering Time Indoors

55-65 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors


Indoor Yield

12 – 16 oz/m2

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Mediterranean climate



Outdoor Yield

16 oz/plant

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    Whether you’re socializing with friends or seeking introspection, there’s a strain for every mood.

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