Apollo 13 Cannabis Seeds

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Bright colors, dazzling lights, and a renewed ability to concentrate are just a few of the ways in which Apollo 13 will stimulate your mind. In addition to helping with ADHD, this sativa-dominant strain has been shown to alleviate depression.


Are you prepared to fly high? Isn’t it possible to go to the moon and back? For the simple reason that if you plant some Apollo 13 marijuana seeds, you’ll end up in the moon. This sativa-dominant hybrid is well-known for its psychedelic effects, which can leave users feeling a bit out of it, but in a good way. The dull white wall you were staring at before is suddenly awash in a kaleidoscope of lights and colors. The effects of watching Apollo 13 are felt immediately in the mind, leaving you with a positive, productive outlook. Under the influence of Apollo 13, finding inspiration and motivation is simple.

Furthermore, buyers experience elation and joy. Despite the fact that your brain is having a dance party, Apollo 13 enhances focus and concentration in a way that no other psychedelic can match. If you’re working on a boring assignment for school or work and need some help staying awake, this strain may be just what you need. Consumers who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may benefit from taking a small dose of Apollo 13 due to the potential improvement in focus. Keep in mind that anxiety, headaches, and dry eyes can result from smoking too much at once.

However, when administered properly, it can alleviate severe pain, depression, and nausea. If you’re thinking about buying some weed seeds, the good news is that the Apollo 13 strain is one that works well for amateur and experienced growers alike. Plants from Apollo 13 can be ignored for long periods of time.

Apollo 13 is like throwing a party in your head, complete with bright lights, dazzling colors, and an increase in your ability to concentrate. In addition to helping with ADHD, this sativa-dominant strain has been shown to alleviate depression.

Additional information

Best Use

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


25% Indica, 75% Sativa

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted


Earthy, Peppery, Sweet

Flowering Period

50-60 Days

Growing Difficulty


Plant Height


THC Content





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