Banana OG Cannabis Seeds

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Banana OG cannabis seeds offer a distinctively sweet and tropical growing experience, resulting in a potent indica-dominant strain cherished for its comforting relaxation effects and unmistakable banana aroma.

  • Consumption experience for cannabis enthusiasts.
  • Banana OG cannabis seeds present a rewarding cultivation
  • A unique blend of fruity and earthy flavors
  • 14 oz cannabis per plant
  • 23% THC of sedative effects.



Allow us to introduce you to Banana OG cannabis seeds, a captivating and one-of-a-kind addition to the realm of cannabis cultivation. These seeds present an extraordinary opportunity to cultivate a strain celebrated for its unforgettable fragrance, delightful taste, and balanced effects. Banana OG is a hybrid strain that harmoniously blends the genetics of two iconic varieties, Banana Kush and OG Kush, resulting in a cannabis experience that is truly exceptional and versatile. The journey with Banana OG begins with its genetic lineage, which lays the foundation for its unique qualities. This hybrid seamlessly combines the best of both Indica and Sativa worlds, drawing from Banana Kush’s relaxing attributes and OG Kush’s uplifting and creative tendencies. This genetic heritage makes Banana OG an enticing choice for a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts, from those seeking relaxation and stress relief to those desiring inspiration and enhanced creativity. One of the most notable aspects of Banana OG is its captivating aroma. Staying true to its name, this strain emits an enticing fragrance reminiscent of ripe bananas, instantly transporting the senses to a tropical paradise. The sweet and fruity notes are complemented by subtle hints of spice and creaminess, creating a multifaceted olfactory experience that is both pleasurable and enchanting. The flavor profile of Banana OG is equally exceptional. Upon consumption, it delivers a taste that mirrors its aromatic profile, offering the sweetness of ripe bananas with nuanced elements of spice and creaminess. This flavorful journey is akin to savoring a delectable tropical dessert, making each inhalation and exhalation a gratifying and memorable experience for the taste buds. Banana OG cannabis seeds open doors for both novice and experienced growers, as they yield plants that thrive in various environments. With a moderate to tall plant height, Banana OG offers flexibility in growth, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Another highlight of Banana OG lies in its balanced effects. This strain delivers a cerebral and uplifting experience, enhancing creativity and focus, while simultaneously providing physical relaxation and stress relief.  Banana OG cannabis seeds bring forth an exceptional strain that seamlessly combines the finest attributes of both Indica and Sativa varieties. With its unforgettable aroma, delightful flavor, and versatile effects, Banana OG exemplifies the artistry of cannabis breeding. Whether you’re an aspiring cultivator in search of a fulfilling growing experience or a cannabis enthusiast seeking a well-rounded and enjoyable strain, Banana OG is an alluring choice that guarantees a memorable journey from seed to harvest.

Origin and Lineage:

The origin and lineage of Banana OG cannabis seeds are deeply rooted in the rich history of cannabis cultivation, resulting in a strain that boasts a remarkable genetic heritage. This extraordinary hybrid is a product of the expert breeding that combines the genetics of two iconic cultivars, Banana Kush and OG Kush, to create a truly unique and versatile cannabis experience. The story of Banana OG begins with Banana Kush, a strain renowned for its sweet and tropical aroma and sedative Indica qualities. Banana Kush itself is a hybrid offspring of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, blending the genetics of these strains to produce a plant with the ability to induce relaxation, soothe physical discomfort, and provide a blissful sense of tranquility. The sweet and fruity scent, evoking memories of ripened bananas, forms the cornerstone of Banana OG’s distinctive fragrance.. On the other side of the genetic spectrum lies OG Kush, a legendary strain that has garnered immense popularity for its uplifting Sativa effects and distinctive terpene profile. OG Kush traces its lineage to Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, resulting in a complex blend of genetics that contribute to its cerebral and creative attributes. This genetic lineage brings a contrasting yet complementary set of qualities to the Banana OG hybrid. When Banana Kush and OG Kush were carefully crossed, the result was Banana OG—a strain that perfectly balances the sedative and relaxing characteristics of its Banana Kush parent with the euphoric and uplifting tendencies inherited from OG Kush. This unique fusion of Indica and Sativa attributes makes Banana OG an appealing choice for a diverse range of cannabis enthusiasts.

The aroma and flavor of Banana OG are a testament to its genetic lineage. The strain inherits the sweet and fruity fragrance of Banana Kush, reminiscent of ripe bananas and tropical paradise, while also incorporating subtle hints of spice and creaminess, a nod to the complexity of OG Kush’s terpene profile. This exquisite aroma and flavor profile create a sensory experience that is both delightful and captivating. Banana OG cannabis seeds owe their origin and remarkable qualities to the careful blending of genetic lineage from two iconic strains, Banana Kush and OG Kush. This breeding process has resulted in a hybrid that beautifully marries the sedative relaxation of Indica with the uplifting creativity of Sativa, providing a versatile and enjoyable cannabis experience. The fragrance and flavor of Banana OG pay homage to its heritage, delivering a delightful tropical sweetness with a touch of complexity.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

Cultivating Banana OG cannabis seeds presents an array of challenges and rewards for the aspiring grower. This strain, known for its unique flavor profile and potent effects, demands careful attention to detail throughout its growth cycle. The initial hurdle lies in germination, where patience and precision are paramount. Ensuring the seeds are properly hydrated, preferably using the paper towel method, will increase the likelihood of a successful start. As the plant matures, maintaining the optimal environmental conditions becomes crucial. Banana OG thrives in a controlled environment with stable temperatures around 70-80°F (21-27°C) and moderate humidity levels. Adequate airflow and ventilation are essential to prevent mold and mildew, which can be particularly problematic during the flowering stage. The vegetative phase of Banana OG is marked by vigorous growth, and regular pruning is recommended to manage its bushy nature. Pruning also promotes better light penetration, which is vital for maximizing bud development. Furthermore, the plant responds positively to nutrients high in potassium and phosphorus during flowering, which enhances the formation of the characteristic dense, resinous buds. Growing Banana OG cannabis seeds successfully requires a blend of horticultural expertise and meticulous care. A comprehensive understanding of its growth requirements, coupled with a commitment to maintaining ideal conditions, will reward cultivators with a bountiful harvest of this exquisite strain, renowned for its fruity aroma and potent, relaxing effects.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: Banana OG cannabis seeds typically require a warm and moist environment for successful germination. A unique tip is to pre-soak the seeds in distilled water for 24 hours before planting them in a high-quality germination medium.
  • Growing Medium: To bring out the best in Banana OG, utilize a well-aerated, soilless growing medium such as coco coir mixed with perlite. This medium ensures proper drainage and oxygenation, promoting healthy root development.
  • Equipment: Invest in a robust set of equipment, including pH meters, hygrometers, and a high-quality digital timer. These tools will help you maintain precise control over the growing conditions, ensuring the best possible results.
  • Lighting: Banana OG thrives under high-intensity discharge (HID) lights during its vegetative stage and transitions well to full-spectrum LED grow lights for the flowering phase. Unique to this strain, it benefits from a gentle UVB light exposure during the final weeks of flowering to enhance resin production.
  • Nutrients: Providing a unique blend of nutrients rich in potassium and phosphorus during the flowering stage will enhance the development of dense, resinous buds. Additionally, use a bloom booster high in potassium to bring out the strain’s distinctive terpene profile and aroma.
  • Temperature: Maintain a steady temperature range between 70-80°F (21-27°C) during the daytime and allow it to drop slightly to 60-70°F (15-21°C) at night. This unique temperature fluctuation stimulates the production of aromatic compounds, intensifying the Banana OG fragrance.
  • Humidity: Banana OG requires humidity levels between 40-50% during the vegetative stage and around 30-40% during flowering to prevent mold and mildew. Unique to this strain, slightly higher humidity levels during the initial flowering weeks can enhance resin production.
  • Pruning: Implement a low-stress training (LST) technique to gently bend and shape the plant, maximizing light exposure to lower branches. Avoid heavy pruning, as Banana OG benefits from a natural, bushy canopy to support its robust bud production.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: Banana OG flourishes under a distinct lighting regimen, starting with high-intensity blue spectrum LED lights during the vegetative phase to encourage vigorous growth, and transitioning to warm, red spectrum lights for flowering, simulating the unique lighting conditions found in its natural habitat.
  • Nutrients: To bring out the full potential of Banana OG’s flavor and aroma, consider using a unique blend of organic, fruit-inspired nutrients such as potassium-rich banana peel compost tea and a custom mix of terpene-boosting supplements during the flowering stage.
  • Temperature: Maintain precise temperature control within a narrow range of 72-76°F (22-24°C) during the entire growth cycle of Banana OG, as even slight temperature fluctuations can alter the terpene profile, impacting its signature scent and taste.
  • Humidity: Banana OG thrives in a specific humidity range of 45-55% during the vegetative stage, but in a unique twist, lowering humidity to 35-45% during flowering can intensify the resin production and overall potency.
  • Sexing: To ensure the cultivation of female Banana OG plants, employ a distinctive method such as using specialized feminized seeds or employing a DNA sexing test at an early stage, guaranteeing a crop with the coveted, resin-rich buds.


  • Indicators: Identifying the readiness of Banana OG for harvest involves unique attention to its trichomes, aiming for a mix of cloudy and amber trichome heads to signify the perfect time for harvest, which will yield a balanced high and distinctive flavor profile.
  • Technique: A unique technique for maximizing Banana OG’s potential is to employ a “flushing” period before harvest, where you use pH-balanced water without nutrients in the final two weeks, ensuring a smoother smoke and highlighting the strain’s unique terpene profile.
  • Curing: To preserve the Banana OG’s unique aroma and potency, a slow and controlled curing process is crucial; place harvested buds in glass jars, burping them daily for the first two weeks, and then weekly for the next four to eight weeks, resulting in a unique, flavorful, and potent final product.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Banana OG has a unique vulnerability to spider mites, so regular monitoring and a preventive approach using neem oil or a customized organic pest control solution are essential to keep these pests at bay.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: To achieve the best results with Banana OG, be aware of its unique preference for a lower nitrogen-to-potassium ratio in its nutrient regimen during the flowering stage, emphasizing potassium to enhance bud development and terpene production.
  • Over/Under-Watering: A distinctive trait of Banana OG is its sensitivity to over-watering, which can lead to root rot. Implement a unique “lift-and-weigh” technique by lifting the pots to gauge their weight, ensuring they are adequately hydrated without excess moisture that can harm the roots.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Banana OG responds exceptionally well to a unique “Main-lining” technique, which involves careful pruning and tying down branches to create a symmetrical canopy, enhancing light penetration and maximizing bud production.
  • Climate: This strain thrives in a unique Mediterranean-like climate, with moderate humidity levels around 40-50% during the vegetative stage, and slightly lower humidity at 30-40% during flowering, coupled with mild temperatures between 70-80°F (21-27°C) during the day and a slight drop to 60-70°F (15-21°C) at night.
  • Testing: To ensure the utmost quality and distinctive effects, contemplate the use of advanced testing techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) for precise assessment of cannabinoid and terpene profiles in your Banana OG buds, aiding in the precise determination of the optimal harvest moment and potency.

Germination time:

The germination time of Banana OG cannabis seeds is a unique aspect that demands careful attention. Unlike some strains that may sprout within a couple of days, Banana OG exhibits a distinct germination period. On average, these seeds take approximately 3 to 10 days to sprout, but patience is key. The unique genetics of Banana OG contribute to this variability, as each seed carries its own internal clock. To expedite the process, a unique method involves pre-soaking the seeds in distilled water for 24 hours before planting. This aids in the gentle abrasion of the seed coat and initiates the germination process. Once planted in a well-aerated germination medium, maintaining a consistent temperature between 70-75°F (21-24°C) and relative humidity around 70% can further enhance the speed and success of germination. While the germination time for Banana OG may be a bit longer compared to some strains, the reward is worth the wait, as these unique seeds have the potential to produce a flavorful and potent cannabis harvest.

Wellness and Banana OG Cannabis seeds:

The wellness and therapeutic attributes of Banana OG cannabis seeds provide an exceptional and holistic encounter suitable for both recreational enthusiasts and medicinal users. This strain’s distinctive genetic composition endows it with a multitude of advantages that cater to various facets of well-being. Banana OG has gained acclaim for its potent relaxation properties, rendering it a singular option for individuals in pursuit of solace from stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Its tranquilizing effects are often likened to a warm and soothing embrace, fostering an enhancement in mental wellness and alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. This distinct serenity is complemented by a profound sense of euphoria and elation, rendering Banana OG a favored choice among those aiming to boost mood and stimulate creativity. In the realm of medicinal use, Banana OG excels as an exclusive remedy for an array of conditions. With its high THC content, typically ranging between 20% to 27%, it offers effective respite from chronic pain and inflammation. The strain’s sedative properties prove beneficial in mitigating muscle spasms, rendering it invaluable for individuals grappling with conditions such as multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia. Moreover, the relaxing and appetite-stimulating attributes of Banana OG can be particularly advantageous for patients undergoing chemotherapy or contending with eating disorders. The distinctive terpene profile of Banana OG, characterized by a robust banana and tropical fruit fragrance, contributes to its appeal. These terpenes not only enhance its delectable flavor but also harbor potential health benefits. For instance, the presence of limonene, a terpene found in Banana OG, is renowned for its mood-elevating and stress-alleviating properties, further augmenting the strain’s wellness potential. Banana OG’s wellness effects also extend to the physical realm. Its profound relaxation capabilities facilitate the release of tension in both body and mind, rendering it an ideal choice for activities such as yoga and meditation. Additionally, its sedative qualities foster restful and rejuvenating sleep, making it a unique remedy for individuals grappling with insomnia.

It is important to note that, as with any cannabis strain, individual reactions can vary. Some users may experience an increased appetite, often referred to as the “munchies,” which can be advantageous for individuals dealing with appetite loss or eating disorders. However, this effect should be taken into consideration, particularly for those prioritizing weight management. Banana OG cannabis seeds present a comprehensive wellness package of unparalleled value. Their capacity to induce relaxation and euphoria, coupled with potential medicinal benefits, positions them as a versatile choice for those seeking relief from stress, pain, and an overall enhancement of well-being. The delightful aroma and flavor of Banana OG further contribute to its allure, solidifying its status as a favorite among cannabis aficionados and individuals seeking a distinctive and gratifying cannabis experience.

CBD Levels:

The CBD levels found in Banana OG cannabis seeds are a distinctive feature that sets this strain apart within the realm of cannabis cultivation. In contrast to its notable high THC content, which often falls between 20% to 27%, Banana OG typically contains minimal CBD, often registering below 1%. This characteristic cannabinoid profile establishes Banana OG as a strain primarily recognized for its potent psychoactive effects rather than its potential therapeutic CBD attributes. Banana OG’s low CBD levels make it an attractive choice for recreational users in pursuit of a robust and euphoric high. Its abundance of THC offers an experience characterized by cerebral and physical relaxation, making it particularly appealing for those seeking stress relief and mood enhancement. The dynamic interplay between THC and minimal CBD contributes to the strain’s exceptional euphoria and sense of happiness, solidifying its status as a favored selection among cannabis enthusiasts. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the limited CBD content in Banana OG somewhat restricts its suitability for addressing specific medical conditions. CBD is renowned for its potential therapeutic advantages, including pain mitigation, anti-inflammatory properties, and anxiety alleviation. Consequently, individuals seeking these targeted CBD-related health benefits may find Banana OG less suited to their needs.

Moreover, Banana OG’s low CBD levels emphasize the significance of selecting a cannabis strain aligned with one’s desired effects. For those in pursuit of a recreational experience marked by euphoria, relaxation, and heightened creativity, Banana OG’s unique CBD-THC ratio offers an ideal choice. Nonetheless, individuals primarily seeking medicinal benefits might discover greater efficacy by exploring strains with higher CBD content tailored to their specific health requirements.  Banana OG cannabis seeds present a distinct cannabinoid profile characterized by minimal CBD and elevated THC levels, making them a preferred option for recreational users seeking a potent and enjoyable psychoactive journey. While this strain may not deliver the same therapeutic advantages as high-CBD strains, its unique effects and delightful flavor profile establish it as a sought-after choice for those aiming to elevate their recreational cannabis experiences.


The visual characteristics of Banana OG cannabis seeds are a captivating and distinctive aspect that offers valuable insights into the potential traits of the plants they will yield. These seeds commonly display unique features that pique the interest of both novice and seasoned cultivators. Banana OG seeds are renowned for their modest to medium size, often boasting a smooth and subtly glossy texture. They exhibit a distinct color spectrum, spanning from a soft beige to a light brown shade, occasionally accompanied by subtle mottling or faint darker speckles. This exceptional coloring often evokes associations with ripe banana peels, adding an enticing allure to the strain’s identity. What truly sets Banana OG seeds apart is their shape, frequently resembling an oval or teardrop-like form reminiscent of seeds found in tropical fruits like bananas. This singular morphology is both striking and lends its name to the strain, as it bears a resemblance to miniature banana seeds.Moreover, Banana OG seeds may manifest subtle variations in appearance, influenced by factors such as genetics and the specific seed bank source. Some seeds may exhibit more pronounced speckling, while others may present a smoother surface. These nuanced distinctions contribute to the intrigue surrounding the cultivation of Banana OG. The visual attributes of these seeds can serve as an initial gauge of their quality. Robust and viable Banana OG seeds typically exhibit plumpness and firmness, along with consistent coloring and a smooth exterior. Signs of excessive dryness, cracks, or damage are indicators to be cautious of. Experienced cultivators often meticulously inspect the seeds, relying on these unique characteristics to select the most promising candidates for cultivation.

As Banana OG seeds germinate and mature into plants, they acquire distinct physical traits that reflect their genetic composition. The leaves of Banana OG plants usually feature broad, vibrant green foliage with a healthy, lustrous appearance. As the plants progress through the flowering phase, they produce densely-packed, resinous buds that frequently assume a remarkable and appealing aspect. These buds are characterized by a generous coating of trichomes, which shimmer like frost, contributing to the strain’s overall visual allure. The appearance of Banana OG cannabis seeds is a captivating and distinct facet of this strain. Their modest to medium size, unique coloration, and teardrop-like shape render them visually appealing choices for cultivators. These seeds provide a glimpse into the potential beauty of mature Banana OG plants, showcasing lush green foliage and resin-enveloped buds that encapsulate the essence of this extraordinary cannabis strain.

Plant Height:

The stature of Banana OG cannabis plants presents a distinctive attribute that significantly influences the cultivation process. Typically, Banana OG exhibits a moderate plant height, making it an adaptable choice for cultivators facing various space constraints. When cultivated indoors, it is typical for these plants to reach a height ranging from about 3 to 4 feet (90 to 120 cm) during their vegetative stage. This modest size streamlines indoor cultivation, fitting seamlessly into setups like grow tents or compact grow rooms. This unique ability to adapt to diverse environmental conditions positions Banana OG favorably for outdoor growers seeking to maximize yields while preserving discretion. The manageable plant height of Banana OG proves advantageous not only for spatial considerations but also for cultivation efficacy. By employing meticulous pruning and training techniques, cultivators can further refine the plant’s canopy structure, ensuring even light penetration and fostering robust and plentiful bud development. This distinctive blend of moderate stature and adaptability renders Banana OG cannabis seeds a well-rounded choice for cultivators, irrespective of their experience level, who aim to nurture this exceptional and flavorful strain.


The aroma exuded by Banana OG cannabis seeds is an undeniably captivating and distinctive trait that distinguishes this strain within the realm of cannabis cultivation. In alignment with its name, the fragrance of Banana OG evokes memories of ripe bananas and tropical fruits, crafting an olfactory journey that is both enchanting and singular. Upon reaching maturity, Banana OG plants emit a captivating bouquet of scents best characterized as sweet, fruity, and irresistibly tempting. Predominant aromatic notes include the essence of ripe bananas, a touch of citrus, and a subtle undercurrent of tropical pineapple. This extraordinary amalgamation of fragrances forms an enticing and mouthwatering profile that immediately enchants the senses. The extraordinary aroma of Banana OG primarily owes its uniqueness to the dominant terpene, limonene, which is also found in citrus fruits, infusing the strain with its citrusy nuances. Additionally, caryophyllene, renowned for its spicy and woody undertones, contributes complexity to the strain’s olfactory makeup. The harmonious interplay of these terpenes results in a symphony of scents that has earned Banana OG a cherished spot among cannabis connoisseurs. What adds to the allure of Banana OG’s aroma is its ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort. The scent of ripe bananas and tropical fruits possesses the power to transport users to a tropical paradise, thereby enhancing the overall cannabis experience with a touch of tropical delight. Moreover, the aroma of Banana OG plays a pivotal role in its overall appeal. Whether encountered within a storage jar, during the cultivation process, or while savoring the dried buds, the strain’s distinctive scent is unmistakable and utterly captivating. It is not uncommon for cultivators to receive accolades for the aroma of their Banana OG harvest, making it a source of pride for those who nurture this exceptional strain.

The aromatic profile of Banana OG transcends into its flavor profile when consumed. The taste harmoniously mirrors the scent, presenting a luscious fusion of banana, citrus, and tropical fruit notes that dance on the taste buds, further elevating the overall cannabis experience. Consequently, Banana OG stands as a highly sought-after choice for individuals who cherish the complete sensory spectrum offered by cannabis consumption. The aroma of Banana OG cannabis seeds is an exceptionally enticing and unique characteristic. Its sweet and fruity notes, reminiscent of ripe bananas and tropical fruits, engage the senses and offer a delightful olfactory voyage. Whether encountered during cultivation, storage, or consumption, Banana OG’s aroma is an embodiment of the strain’s distinctiveness and appeal, rendering it an exceptional choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an immersive sensory journey.


The flavor profile of Banana OG cannabis seeds is an exceptional and distinctive element that elevates the overall cannabis experience. True to its name, this strain offers a tantalizing fusion of tropical and fruity notes that closely mirror its aromatic qualities, resulting in a mouthwatering symphony of flavors. Upon consumption, Banana OG treats the palate to a delightful array of tastes reminiscent of ripe bananas, citrus fruits, and tropical delicacies. The initial impression is one of sweet indulgence, akin to relishing a perfectly ripened banana. This unique and delectable sweetness is complemented by refreshing citrus undertones, providing a vibrant and zesty contrast. The subtlety of tropical pineapple notes further enriches the overall flavor, crafting a multifaceted and harmonious taste profile. Limonene, a primary terpene found in Banana OG and also present in citrus fruits, takes center stage in shaping the strain’s extraordinary flavor, contributing to its citrusy and zesty notes. Additionally, caryophyllene, another terpene within this strain’s composition, introduces a hint of spiciness and complexity to the flavor palette. The synergy of these terpenes creates a taste that is both delightful and indelible. One remarkable facet of Banana OG’s flavor profile is its ability to transport users to an exotic tropical paradise with each inhalation. The interplay of banana, citrus, and tropical fruit notes conjures visions of sun-soaked beaches and far-flung destinations, transforming the act of cannabis consumption into an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Beyond the inhalation, the flavor of Banana OG lingers on the taste buds, leaving behind a memorable and satisfying aftertaste. This enduring sweetness and fruitiness make Banana OG a preferred choice for those who relish the complete sensory journey that cannabis consumption can provide. Moreover, the harmonious interplay between the strain’s aroma and flavor adds layers of depth and richness to the overall cannabis experience. It transcends the mere pursuit of a high or its effects; it embodies the art of savoring the delightful interplay of taste and aroma that Banana OG offers. The flavor profile of Banana OG cannabis seeds stands as a distinct and enchanting characteristic. Its sweet and fruity notes, reminiscent of ripe bananas, citrus fruits, and tropical delicacies, weave together a taste profile that is both intricate and pleasurable. This strain’s capacity to transport users to a tropical paradise and its enduring aftertaste render it a cherished choice among cannabis enthusiasts who seek a complete and immersive sensory journey with each consumption. Banana OG transcends being merely a strain; it’s an experience imbued with flavor and unforgettable sensations.

In Conclusion:

Banana OG cannabis seeds epitomize a truly exceptional and captivating strain, delivering a versatile experience that resonates with both cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators. This remarkable strain boasts an array of distinctive characteristics, spanning from the appearance of its seeds to the sensory indulgence of its aroma and flavor. Commencing with the seeds themselves, Banana OG’s distinctive appearance serves as a testament to its individuality. These seeds, typically of small to medium size, feature unique coloration and assume a teardrop-like silhouette. This aesthetic uniqueness not only adds to their visual appeal but also offers valuable indicators of their potential quality and suitability for cultivation. These seeds set the stage, offering a glimpse of the splendor that mature Banana OG plants can achieve. As Banana OG plants thrive and flourish, their moderate stature and adaptability render them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. This adaptability ensures that growers with diverse spatial constraints can successfully nurture this extraordinary strain. Employing meticulous pruning and training techniques, cultivators can fine-tune the plant’s canopy, fostering the development of robust and bountiful buds. Moving on to the sensory elements, the aroma and flavor of Banana OG are truly exceptional. Infused with notes of ripe bananas, citrus, and tropical fruits, this strain orchestrates a sensory expedition that transports users to a paradisiacal realm with every inhalation. The harmonious interplay of terpenes, such as limonene and caryophyllene, orchestrates a symphony of scents and flavors that are both enchanting and unforgettable. A lingering aftertaste further elevates the overall experience, positioning Banana OG as the preferred choice for connoisseurs who relish the complete spectrum of cannabis consumption. Beyond the sensory allure, Banana OG offers a holistic wellness package. Its elevated THC content and distinctive terpene profile collaborate to deliver potent relaxation and mood enhancement, catering to both recreational and medicinal users. The strain’s capacity to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, and sleep disturbances underscores its versatility and therapeutic value.

In summary, Banana OG cannabis seeds encapsulate a well-rounded and distinguished strain that excels across multiple dimensions, from its unique appearance and adaptable cultivation traits to its captivating aroma, flavor, and therapeutic potential. This strain exemplifies the rich diversity within the cannabis world and remains a preferred choice for those in pursuit of a distinctive and gratifying cannabis experience. Whether sought for leisurely enjoyment or therapeutic respite, Banana OG serves as a testament to the amalgamation of art and science in cannabis cultivation, offering an indelible journey for those who embrace its singular attributes.

Additional information

Best Use

Depression, Improve Appetite, Stress


30% Sativa, 70% Indica

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing


Earthy, Sweet, Tropical

Flowering Time Indoors

60-70 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors

End of September

Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

12 to 14 ounces/ m²

Outdoor Yield

14 ounces/ plant

Plant Height






7 reviews for Banana OG Cannabis Seeds

  1. Alejandro Hodges

    Banana OG seeds were a real treat to grow. These plants flourished indoors, producing healthy, bushy foliage and beautiful, resinous buds. The fragrance was something special – a mix of sweet tropical notes with a subtle earthiness.

  2. Brittany Vasquez

    What I love most about Banana OG is its unique flavor profile. The taste is a sweet and creamy blend with hints of banana, making each hit a delightful experience. If you’re looking for a strain that offers both impressive growth characteristics and a soothing high, Banana OG seeds are a fantastic choice.

  3. Diana Phelps

    growing cannabis at home has been a fun and rewarding experience

  4. Iliana Keith

    As someone who struggles with anxiety, finding the right strain can be tricky. But these seeds have been a godsend.

  5. Ellis Salas

    this strain has become a staple in my stash

  6. Maia Thornton

    The aroma is rich and fruity, and the high is smooth and uplifting.

  7. Angelina Patton

    I’ve been growing my own seeds that I got from this website for a few cycles now, and it never disappoints.

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