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Purple Pantera cannabis seeds, akin to a mysterious artist, masterfully crafts a tapestry of euphoria with its striking purple shades.

  •  12 oz/plant
  •  23% THC
  •  Low CBD Levels
  •  30% Sativa
  •  70% Indica



In the lush tapestry of botanical cultivation, the Purple Pantera strain of cannabis seeds emerges as a distinguished cultivar, marked by its sumptuous violet hues and a formidable genetic heritage. Born from the prestigious cross of Ghost OG and Mendo Purps, the Purple Pantera seeds encapsulate a deep reservoir of potential, hinting at the lush, colorful expressions of its buds and a profound aromatic presence.

Encased within these sturdy seeds lies the promise of expansive, purple-black buds characterized by a dense, resin-coated surface, a testament to the strain’s abundant cannabinoid production. This distinctive purple shading, more than a visual spectacle, signifies a rich concentration of anthocyanins—compounds known for their antioxidant properties, offering numerous health benefits. The foliage of Purple Pantera is equally enchanting, with wide leaves that transition from vibrant green to darker, more mysterious shades as the plant matures.

Visually, Purple Pantera stands as a botanical masterpiece, with thick, frosted buds that speak to a rich, balanced cannabinoid profile. This profile manifests a complex bouquet of flavors and scents—from the earthy base notes to hints of berries and a sharp, citrusy finish, making each encounter a layered sensory experience.

For those who cultivate, Purple Pantera presents a rewarding challenge. While the strain demands precise control over environmental conditions to achieve its signature purple coloration, it shows a commendable resistance to pests and diseases, making it a worthwhile endeavor for dedicated growers. The flowering stage is relatively short, leading to abundant yields that are as potent in effect as they are striking in appearance.

The applications of Purple Pantera extend beyond its visual and aromatic allure. Its balanced effects make it a superb choice for a range of consumption methods, whether smoked, vaporized, or incorporated into culinary creations. On the therapeutic front, Purple Pantera is valued for its potential to ease conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disturbances, offering a natural remedy for those in need.

The introduction of Purple Pantera cannabis seeds is a significant development for both aficionados and industry experts. With its unique blend of aesthetic appeal, robust growth characteristics, and versatile benefits, Purple Pantera is poised to carve a niche in the market, blending ancient herbal traditions with modern cultivation techniques in a seamless union of form and function.

Origin and Lineage:

The genesis of Purple Pantera cannabis seeds is deeply rooted in a rich heritage, drawing from a lineage that combines the legendary prowess of Ghost OG with the striking aesthetics of Mendo Purps. Each parent strain brings a distinct set of genetic traits that have been meticulously harnessed to create Purple Pantera, a variety celebrated for both its visual appeal and robust effects.

Ghost OG, a variant of the renowned OG Kush, is revered for its potent therapeutic qualities and its resilient nature. This strain imparts to Purple Pantera a foundation of strength, ensuring its adaptability and robustness in various growing environments. Ghost OG’s influence is also evident in Purple Pantera’s intense aroma and potent effects, making it highly valued for its ability to alleviate stress and pain. The legacy of Ghost OG contributes a layer of depth to Purple Pantera, enriching its character with a robust and earthy flavor profile.

Mendo Purps, hailing from the fertile regions of California’s Mendocino County, adds a vibrant color palette and a fruity flavor profile to the mix. Known for its striking purple blooms and grape-like aroma, Mendo Purps endows Purple Pantera with its namesake purple hues, which are not only visually stunning but also indicative of a rich terpene profile. This flavorful inheritance makes Purple Pantera a sensory delight, enhancing its appeal with notes of sweet berries and deep floral undertones.

Together, these two strains synthesize into Purple Pantera, a hybrid that beautifully balances the hardy, therapeutic qualities of Ghost OG with the sensory pleasures of Mendo Purps. The result is a cannabis strain that is as functional as it is beautiful, appealing to a broad spectrum of users who appreciate both its aesthetic qualities and its potent effects.

In the broader narrative of cannabis cultivation, Purple Pantera represents a landmark achievement. It stands as a tribute to the craft of selective breeding, melding the finest traits of its parent strains to create a versatile and highly sought-after progeny. This strain not only continues the legacy of its ancestors but also sets new standards in the cannabis community for beauty, potency, and overall quality.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

Cultivating Purple Pantera cannabis seeds is an enriching yet demanding endeavor, ideal for growers who delight in refining their gardening skills and observing the nuanced effects of their efforts. This strain demands precise environmental control and a keen eye for detail to flourish and express its full genetic potential, particularly its striking purple hues and potent effects.

The optimal cultivation environment for Purple Pantera involves meticulous temperature control, maintaining daytime temperatures between 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A slight drop in nighttime temperatures is crucial, as it stimulates the production of anthocyanins, which are responsible for the plant’s deep purple coloring. Humidity levels should be carefully regulated as well, ideally kept around 40-50% during the flowering phase to prevent mold and promote healthy bud development.

Nutrient management is critical when growing Purple Pantera. The strain benefits from a balanced nutrient regimen but is particularly sensitive to overfeeding, which can lead to nutrient burn. This is often indicated by the tips of the leaves turning brown or yellow. A focus on higher phosphorus levels during the flowering stage can help in developing dense, resin-rich buds, improving both the aromatic and flavor profiles of the yield.

Employing training techniques can significantly improve the outcome when growing Purple Pantera. Techniques such as topping—cutting the main stem to promote the growth of two main colas—and low-stress training, which involves gently bending and tying branches to increase light penetration and promote an even canopy, are particularly effective. These methods not only increase the overall yield but also ensure a more uniform light distribution, crucial for optimal growth and bud production.

Although the cultivation of Purple Pantera presents certain challenges, the rewards justify the effort. The grower is rewarded with a harvest of visually stunning and aromatic buds, rich in both flavor and potency. For those dedicated to the craft of cannabis cultivation, Purple Pantera offers a rewarding journey of growth and discovery.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: Proper germination is achieved in a dark, humid environment with temperatures maintained between 70-85°F (21-29°C), resulting in successful emergence within 3-10 days.
  • Growing Medium: Utilizing a soil mix rich in organic nutrients ensures adequate drainage and robust root development, promoting overall plant vitality.
  • Equipment: Key equipment includes precision instruments such as hygrometers and pH meters, alongside automated systems for irrigation, ensuring stringent control of growing conditions.
  • Lighting: Utilization of high-intensity discharge lighting that covers a full spectrum from 400-700 nm is essential for simulating natural sunlight, thereby encouraging vigorous plant growth.
  • Nutrients: A regimen rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium tailored to the specific phases of plant growth is critical for optimal development and health.
  • Temperature: An ambient temperature range of 68-77°F (20-25°C) is ideal for fostering robust metabolic activity and growth.
  • Humidity: Maintaining a humidity level of 60% during vegetative phases and reducing to 40% in flowering optimizes conditions for growth while minimizing risk of mold.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning of lower growth that does not receive adequate light enhances energy to focus on the upper canopy, improving airflow and bud quality.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: A light cycle featuring 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness during vegetative growth is essential for optimal development.
  • Nutrients: Enhanced phosphorus intake during the flowering stage supports robust bud development and density.
  • Temperature: Slight cooling at night compared to daytime temperatures encourages the synthesis of aromatic compounds.
  • Humidity: Lowering humidity gradually to about 40% towards the end of the flowering stage helps in resin production and prevents fungal infections.
  • Sexing: Early detection and separation of male plants are imperative to avoid pollination and ensure a high-quality harvest.


  • Indicators: Nutrient deficiencies and environmental stresses manifest as yellowing leaves and stunted growth, requiring immediate attention.
  • Technique: Employing low-stress training (LST) techniques to manipulate plant structure ensures an even canopy and maximum light exposure.
  • Curing: Proper curing involves maintaining buds at a controlled temperature of 60-70°F (15-21°C) and 60% humidity for several weeks, which enhances flavor and potency.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Vigilance against pests such as spider mites and aphids is crucial, with a preference for organic remedies to mitigate infestations.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: Observing signs of leaf discoloration or curling prompts a review of nutrient levels and pH balance.
  • Over/Under Watering: Symptoms like drooping leaves necessitate a careful review and adjustment of watering schedules to ensure optimal moisture levels.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Implementing training methods such as topping and super cropping helps control plant height and stimulates lateral growth, enhancing light absorption and yield.
  • Climate: A temperate and stable climate with minimal extreme fluctuations is most conducive for cultivation, protecting plants from stress.
  • Testing: Regular testing for cannabinoid content and potency ensures consistency in quality and assists in fine-tuning cultivation techniques

Germination time:

The germination period for Purple Pantera cannabis seeds marks the inception of a complex growth journey, unfolding typically within a concise timeframe of 48 to 72 hours under ideal conditions. However, this period can extend up to a week, reflecting variations in environmental factors and seed vitality. This initial stage is crucial, as it influences the development trajectory of the plant.

For optimal germination success, a steady temperature range of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is crucial. A heat mat can provide consistent warmth essential during this phase. Equally important is the humidity level, which should be carefully managed to ensure the medium is moist but not saturated, preventing the risk of seed rot. The paper towel method remains a favorite among cultivators for its simplicity and efficiency; seeds are placed between damp paper towels, creating an ideal environment for monitoring and encouraging germination.

When the seeds crack open and expose a delicate white taproot, it is a critical moment that requires gentle handling to avoid any damage to this embryonic root. This nascent stage is delicate, and transplanting the sprouted seeds into their initial growth medium—be it soil, coco coir, or a hydroponic system—demands precision. The taproot should be oriented downward to align with natural growth directions, facilitating healthier and more robust development.

The germination phase of Purple Pantera seeds is both a meticulous and thrilling phase for cultivators. It demands patience, attention to detail, and a nurturing touch. Successfully germinated seeds set the stage for a thriving plant, and provide the grower with an intimate understanding of the lifecycle of cannabis. Watching these first signs of life emerge offers a unique glimpse into the dynamic process of plant development, from a dormant seed to a flourishing cannabis plant.

Wellness and Purple Pantera Cannabis Seeds:

Purple Pantera cannabis embodies a unique therapeutic profile, blending the influential genetics of Ghost OG and Mendo Purps to create a strain that supports holistic wellness. This cultivar offers a spectrum of benefits that cater to both the mind and body, making it a sought-after choice for those seeking comprehensive therapeutic effects.

Upon consumption, Purple Pantera immediately imparts a profound sense of relaxation. This physical calm is paired with a mild euphoria that lifts the spirits, effectively reducing stress and anxiety. Users often experience a significant reduction in mental tension, fostering a serene mindset conducive to introspective activities and meditation. This makes Purple Pantera an excellent option for individuals coping with stress-related disorders, mood fluctuations, and anxiety, enhancing mental clarity and emotional stability.

In terms of physical wellness, Purple Pantera stands out for its potent analgesic properties. It offers considerable relief from persistent pain conditions such as arthritis, neuropathy, and chronic back pain. This relief is not superficial but penetrates deeply, providing durable comfort and improving daily functionality for those afflicted. The strain’s anti-inflammatory effects further augment its pain-relief capabilities, presenting a holistic approach to managing physical discomfort.

For those struggling with sleep disturbances, Purple Pantera’s sedative effects are particularly beneficial. It promotes a calm and ready state for sleep, aiding in the transition into deep, restorative slumber. This characteristic is invaluable for individuals battling insomnia or those who find it difficult to maintain a consistent sleep pattern.

Additionally, Purple Pantera enhances social interactions by reducing barriers to communication, making it easier for users to engage openly and comfortably in social settings. This is particularly advantageous for those who experience social anxiety, as it helps foster a more relaxed and engaging social demeanor.

Purple Pantera cannabis seeds hold the promise of not just growth but significant therapeutic benefits, addressing a broad array of physical and mental health issues. This strain’s versatility in improving emotional well-being, alleviating physical pain, enhancing sleep quality, and encouraging social interaction underscores its potential as a pivotal tool in personal health and wellness regimens.

CBD Levels:

Purple Pantera cannabis seeds yield a strain notable not just for its visually arresting purple shades but also for its balanced cannabinoid profile, which includes a noteworthy CBD content. Typically, this strain features CBD levels ranging from 1-2%, a seemingly modest proportion that plays a critical role in enhancing its overall therapeutic potential alongside its more dominant THC content.

This balanced cannabinoid makeup, particularly the presence of CBD, plays a vital role in moderating the psychoactive effects of THC. By modulating the high, the CBD in Purple Pantera helps mitigate potential side effects like anxiety and paranoia, which some individuals might experience with stronger, THC-heavy strains. This phenomenon, referred to as the “entourage effect,” highlights the collaborative synergy between THC and CBD, enhancing the medicinal benefits and providing a more rounded, harmonious experience.

For medical cannabis users, Purple Pantera’s CBD levels offer significant advantages. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD contribute to the strain’s effectiveness in alleviating chronic pain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Additionally, its calming effects can significantly benefit those dealing with anxiety, providing a soothing relief that allows for mental clarity and focus without overwhelming sedation.

The inclusion of CBD also extends benefits to sleep management, positioning Purple Pantera as a valuable aid for those with insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. Unlike traditional sleep medications, it encourages restful sleep without residual grogginess, thanks to the regulatory effects of CBD on sleep architecture. Furthermore, the neuroprotective attributes of CBD suggest the potential for supporting cognitive health over time, an area of increasing interest in cannabinoid research.

In the expansive realm of cannabis genetics, the CBD profile of Purple Pantera makes it an appealing strain for both growers and consumers seeking a balance between therapeutic efficacy and enjoyable recreation. Though not as CBD-dominant as some specialized strains, the balanced cannabinoid content in Purple Pantera ensures a comprehensive array of benefits, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users who value the nuanced interplay of cannabinoids for both health and pleasure.


Purple Pantera cannabis seeds lay the foundation for one of the most visually arresting strains available to cultivators. Initially unassuming, these small, teardrop-shaped seeds are encased in a tough, smooth shell that blends shades of earthy browns and subtle grays—natural camouflage that belies the vibrant potential contained within. As these seeds germinate and grow, they give rise to plants that are a spectacle of color and form, showcasing the intricate beauty of their genetic heritage.

The transformation in appearance as Purple Pantera matures is dramatic and striking. The foliage begins as a deep, lush green, broad and deeply serrated, providing a vivid backdrop for the more dramatic colors to come. As temperatures drop during the cooler nights of the growing season, the leaves start their remarkable transition. Purples, rich and royal, begin to suffuse each leaf, sometimes accented by streaks of midnight blue, a visual indicator of the plant’s healthy levels of anthocyanins, influenced directly by the climatic conditions.

The culmination of Purple Pantera’s visual appeal is undoubtedly its buds. These formations are tightly packed, rich with resin, and bloom into a mosaic of deep violet and near-black tones. These dark shades are brilliantly offset by bright orange pistils that shoot throughout, creating a bold contrast that is both striking and aesthetically pleasing. The buds are generously coated with trichomes that glisten like a layer of frost, indicating a rich cannabinoid and terpene profile that promises potency and depth of flavor.

Purple Pantera is a testament to the artistry possible in cannabis cultivation, from the humble beginnings of its seeds to the mature plant’s spectacular display. It appeals not only to those seeking therapeutic and recreational effects but also to connoisseurs who appreciate the aesthetic dimensions of their horticultural endeavors. This strain’s compelling appearance makes it a favorite for both display and consumption, highlighting the intersection of natural beauty and botanical utility in the world of cannabis.

Plant Height:

Purple Pantera cannabis seeds develop into a moderately tall plant, typically reaching a height that makes it a versatile candidate for various cultivation setups, both indoor and outdoor. In an indoor environment, Purple Pantera tends to stretch upwards of 4 to 5 feet, while outdoor conditions allow it to fully embrace its genetic potential, often soaring to heights of 6 feet or more, depending on the richness of the soil and adequacy of the growing conditions. This vertical growth makes it a commanding presence in any garden, showcasing robust stems that support the weight of dense, resinous buds.

The height of Purple Pantera not only contributes to its visual impact but also reflects its vigorous health and vitality. Growers can influence the final height through various cultivation techniques such as topping and training, which can encourage the plant to grow more laterally, enhancing light exposure and potentially increasing yield.

Such practices are particularly beneficial in managing the plant’s stature indoors, where space may be limited. This adaptability in growth pattern, combined with its striking appearance, makes Purple Pantera a popular choice among growers who seek a blend of aesthetic appeal and bountiful harvests.


The aroma profile of Purple Pantera cannabis is a rich and intricate sensory experience that draws the senses into a labyrinth of delightful scents. At its core, a deep earthiness anchors the fragrance, reminiscent of a damp, fertile forest floor, evoking a sense of grounding and depth. This foundational earthiness is the bedrock upon which more complex notes are layered, creating an olfactory experience that is both rich and varied.

As the bouquet unfolds, it reveals a medley of sweet and fruity nuances. Prominent among these are the lush, dark scents of berriesblackberries and blueberries, with their deep, sweet aromas, dominate this part of the profile. Intertwined with these berry notes are hints of grape, adding a vinous, almost floral layer to the mix, which elevates the bouquet with its sophisticated, slightly tart edge. A zest of citrus cuts through the sweetness, introducing a sharp, refreshing twist that brightens the overall aroma and adds a crisp finish.

Underlying these brighter top notes are subtle hints of herbal and spicy accents. Lavender contributes a soft, floral herbaceousness, while a dash of black pepper adds a spicy kick, enhancing the complexity of the strain’s scent. These elements combine to create a soothing yet stimulating aroma that hints at the strain’s balanced effects, providing both relaxation and a gentle sensory uplift.

Purple Pantera’s aromatic qualities make it particularly appealing for those who value aromatic depth in their cannabis selections. Its fragrance is not merely an accompaniment but an integral part of the experience, filling the space with a compelling and long-lasting aroma. For enthusiasts and connoisseurs, Purple Pantera offers an olfactory delight that enhances both its therapeutic appeal and its enjoyability as a recreational strain, distinguishing it as a sophisticated choice in a crowded field of cannabis varieties.


Purple Pantera cannabis captivates with a flavor profile that is both sumptuous and complex, appealing to a refined palate. This strain offers a robust earthy base, reminiscent of rich, damp earth that lays the groundwork for more intricate tastes to emerge. This deep earthiness provides a sturdy backdrop, enhancing the flavors layered atop it.

As the flavor profile develops, there is a notable surge of dark fruit notes, primarily dominated by berries. The rich, sweet essences of blackberries and blueberries come forward, their juicy and intense flavors creating a delightful contrast against the earthy base. These berry notes are complemented by the subtle inclusion of grape flavors, which introduce a slightly tart and refined vinous note, enriching the strain’s complexity and adding an element of elegance.

Brightening this rich tapestry is a splash of citrus, which slices through the heavier flavors with its sharp, zesty tang. This citrus note is not overwhelming but serves to lift the profile, providing a refreshing twist that balances the overall palate. This interplay of sweetness and tanginess is masterfully executed, delivering a flavor that is both engaging and harmonious.

Further depth is added by gentle hints of spice and an undertone of herbal freshness, reminiscent of cinnamon and mint. These flavors offer a subtle warmth and a cool finish, enhancing the sensory experience with their contrasting sensations.

Purple Pantera’s flavor is not merely an aspect of its appeal but a compelling narrative in every puff. The rich, well-rounded ensemble of tastes makes each smoking session a profound sensory journey, drawing in both aficionados and novices with its sophisticated blend. This strain’s elaborate and diverse flavor profile ensures each experience is not only enjoyable but also unforgettable, marking Purple Pantera as a standout choice for those seeking depth and complexity in their cannabis selection.

In Conclusion:

In summation, Purple Pantera cannabis seeds epitomize the pinnacle of horticultural achievement, blending robust genetics with visually stunning results. Originating from the celebrated lineage of Ghost OG and Mendo Purps, these seeds germinate into plants that not only demonstrate resilience and vigor but also dazzle with their vivid purple foliage and substantial, trichome-laden buds.

This visual allure is matched by a complex aromatic and flavor profile that weaves earthy bases with bursts of berry sweetness and citrus notes, catering to a refined palate.

The therapeutic and recreational appeal of Purple Pantera is equally significant. Its balanced cannabinoid profile, which harmoniously blends THC and CBD, offers a spectrum of effects that comfort the body and quiet the mind, making it an ideal selection for those looking for relief from pain, anxiety, or sleeplessness. The mild euphoria induced by its THC content enhances its utility, providing a subtle uplift in mood that is both enjoyable and manageable.

Purple Pantera’s appeal is multifaceted, attracting a broad audience within the cannabis community. Growers appreciate its cultivation challenges and the rewarding harvests it yields, while connoisseurs and medicinal users value its complex flavors and versatile benefits.

Overall, Purple Pantera is not just a strain but a showcase of cannabis cultivation’s potential to combine beauty, flavor, and function in one package. It stands as a testament to the art and science of cannabis breeding, offering a compelling and enriching experience to all who cultivate or consume it.

Additional information

Best Use

Depression, PTSD


30% Sativa, 70% Indica

CBD Level

Low (Less than 2%)


Euphoria, Relaxed, Sleepy


Berry, Grape, Sweet

Flowering Time Indoors

55-65 Days

Flowering Time Outdoors

Late September to early October

Growing Difficulty


Indoor Yield

10-12 Ounces/m2

Outdoor Yield

12 Ounces/Plant

Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Warm Climate



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    These cannabis seeds are the epitome of convenience.

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    These seeds require minimal maintenace, making them an excellent choice for growers.

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    one of the best feminized seeds I have tried

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