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Cake Bomb cannabis seeds offer a sensory journey, blending sweet fragrances with vivid colors, promising both indulgence and gardening finesse.

  •  500 – 650 gr/plant
  • Vanilla and caramel undertones
  •  20% THC
  •  Easy to grow
  • Enhances mood stability



Embarking upon an odyssey through the lush frontiers of botanical innovation, one encounters the enigmatic and illustrious “Cake Bomb” cannabis seeds, a name that evokes intrigue and admiration among aficionados and horticulturalists alike. This cultivar, an emblem of horticultural prowess, emerges from the cross-pollination of genetically superior strains, meticulously selected for their unique attributes.

The inception of Cake Bomb is a deliberate act of artistry, a symphony orchestrated by breeders dedicated to sculpting a strain that harmonizes the complexities of flavor, aroma, and visual appeal, all while delivering a profound and multifaceted experience to its connoisseur.

The distinction of Cake Bomb is readily apparent in its olfactory and gustatory profile, which bears the hallmarks of a meticulously crafted dessert, rich with layers of nuanced flavors that tease and tantalize the palate. Its aesthetic is equally remarkable, showcasing a vibrant palette of colors from the deepest emerald to the softest lavender, each bud a masterpiece adorned with a constellation of trichomes that sparkle with the promise of potency and a transcendent experience.

The genetic lineage of Cake Bomb is a tapestry rich with history, each ancestor contributing to its resilience, vibrancy, and the broad spectrum of effects that cater to a diverse array of preferences and therapeutic needs. For the cultivator, Cake Bomb presents an alluring challenge, thriving in a variety of environments and rewarding those who nurture it with a bounty of unparalleled quality.

It is a testament to the cultivator’s skill and dedication, embodying the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation and genetic innovation. For the connoisseur, Cake Bomb offers a journey of sensory delight, an elaborate dance of flavors and aromas that envelop the senses, leaving an indelible mark of pleasure and satisfaction.

Its effects weave through the spectrum of cerebral stimulation to serene relaxation, offering a nuanced exploration of mood and mind. Cake Bomb stands as a beacon of botanical alchemy, a celebration of the confluence between science, art, and the natural world, inviting both growers and users into a realm of endless possibility and discovery. This strain epitomizes the pinnacle of cannabis breeding, encapsulating the passion, knowledge, and artistry that drive the evolution of cannabis culture.

Origin and Lineage:

The origin and lineage of the distinguished “Cake Bomb” cannabis seeds are steeped in a rich tapestry of botanical exploration, genetic finesse, and an unwavering commitment to achieving horticultural excellence.

This remarkable strain is the fruit of an elaborate endeavor by breeders who dared to dream of a cultivar that epitomizes the pinnacle of cannabis potential—encompassing an extraordinary sensory appeal, vigorous health, and broad adaptability. The birth of Cake Bomb represents not merely the creation of a new strain but the culmination of a passionate journey through the vast and varied landscape of cannabis genetics, aiming to capture the essence of perfection in aroma, flavor, and therapeutic effect within its lineage.

At the core of Cake Bomb’s esteemed ancestry lies a deliberate selection of parent strains, each renowned for its standout qualities. This lineage is a symphony of the finest cannabis genetics, marrying the deeply soothing and richly aromatic traits of legendary Indica varieties with the uplifting, cerebral nuances of Sativa strains.

Every ancestor was chosen with the utmost care, contributing its unique signature to the final composition of Cake Bomb—ranging from the luxuriant, crystal-covered buds to a complex palette of terpenes, alongside an impressive resilience to environmental challenges and maladies.

The path to engineering Cake Bomb unfurled as an epic quest that spanned continents—from the fertile valleys of California, across the ancient, rugged terrains of Afghanistan, to the vibrant ecosystems of South America. This quest was fueled by the desire to integrate the venerable genetics of landrace strains with cutting-edge breeding practices, striving for a strain that seamlessly blends therapeutic serenity with an enlivening zest.

Through rigorous cycles of cross-breeding and refinement, breeders meticulously sculpted Cake Bomb’s profile, each step forward a testament to their dedication to harmonizing taste, aroma, and the spectrum of effects. Each progenitor strain contributes a thread to the intricate weave of Cake Bomb’s heritage, encapsulating centuries of cultivation wisdom, the relentless pursuit of quality, and the artistic flair of its creators.

Cake Bomb thus stands as a monument to the enduring legacy of cannabis culture and horticulture, inviting aficionados and growers alike to partake in the legacy of a strain that bridges generations and geographies, embodying the collective ambition and creativity of the cannabis community.

Growth Difficulty and Grow Guide: 

The cultivation of Cake Bomb cannabis seeds presents an engaging challenge, best suited to individuals with a foundation in gardening and a zeal for cannabis horticulture. This strain’s growth journey, while not exceedingly demanding, requires a vigilant eye and a committed hand to guide it to its full potential.

Cultivators are tasked with creating an ideal environment that carefully orchestrates the delicate balance of light, moisture, and temperature, reflecting the eclectic origins of Cake Bomb’s genetic makeup. Indoor cultivation demands a mastery of environmental controls, ensuring proper air circulation to prevent the risks associated with excessive humidity, such as mold and mildew.

For those who venture to cultivate it outdoors, Cake Bomb thrives in conditions that mimic a warm, sun-kissed Mediterranean climate, offering its caretakers a rich reward of aromatic, trichome-laden buds for their efforts. A detailed cultivation guide for Cake Bomb would underline the critical role of nutrient management throughout the plant’s lifecycle, advocating for a nitrogen-rich diet during the vegetative stage, followed by an emphasis on phosphorus and potassium to support a vibrant flowering period.

Employing strategic pruning and plant training techniques, such as topping and the application of low-stress training (LST), can significantly enhance the plant’s structural integrity and light absorption, promoting a more prolific and even growth. Despite the measured patience required to navigate its flowering phase, the fruits of labor are abundantly clear in the harvest, showcasing Cake Bomb’s remarkable yield and the tangible rewards of dedicated cultivation practices.

Nutrients and Equipment:

  • Seed Germination: For successful germination, it is imperative to sustain a consistently moist habitat and a temperature spectrum from 70-85°F (21-29°C).
  • Growing Medium: Opt for a well-aerated, nutrient-dense soil or a clean, soilless mixture to establish a robust foundation for root proliferation and overall plant vitality.
  • Equipment: A set of indispensable cultivation tools includes premium containers with sufficient drainage, pH meters, and hygrometers for precise environmental regulation.
  • Lighting: Utilize full-spectrum LED lighting to ensure a harmonious light distribution essential for stimulating vigorous growth during both vegetative and flowering stages.
  • Nutrients: Implementing a dynamic nutrient schedule that modifies macronutrient proportions in alignment with the growth phase is vital for achieving peak plant health and productivity.
  • Temperature: Preserving a daytime thermal range of 75-80°F (24-27°C) and a marginally cooler nocturnal environment promotes optimal physiological activity.
  • Humidity: Regulating ambient moisture to stay within 60-70% during the vegetative phase and reducing it to 40-50% through the flowering period is crucial to mitigate mold and fungal risks.
  • Pruning: Tactical removal of inferior foliage enhances air flow and light accessibility, fostering an environment conducive to augmented yields and vigorous plant development.

Flowering Phase:

  • Lighting: Ensuring sufficient exposure to full-spectrum light is fundamental for activating photosynthesis and supporting a healthy flowering cycle.
  • Nutrients: Customizing nutrient plans to cater to distinct developmental stages, with an emphasis on nitrogen during vegetative growth and on phosphorus and potassium during flowering, optimize plant wellness and flower production.
  • Temperature: Achieving ideal growth conditions involves maintaining a stable temperature range that supports the plant through its varied developmental stages.
  • Humidity: Diligent humidity control throughout the growing cycle is essential in averting pest outbreaks and fungal afflictions.
  • Sexing: Prompt recognition and isolation of male specimens are crucial to prevent undesired pollination and ensure a harvest of high-quality flowers.


  • Indicators: Monitoring trichome clarity and pistil development offers dependable cues for optimal harvest timing.
  • Technique: A meticulous approach to drying and curing, prioritizing gentle handling, enriches the end product’s aromatic and flavor profile while enhancing potency.
  • Curing: Proper curing entails storing the dried flowers in hermetic containers, intermittently opened to refresh the air and maintain optimal humidity.

Common Challenges:

  • Pests: Proactive pest surveillance followed by the immediate deployment of appropriate organic or synthetic interventions is key to safeguarding the crop.
  • Nutrient Imbalance: Vigilant monitoring for signs of nutritional deficits or excesses and adjusting feeding protocols accordingly is indispensable for sustaining plant health.
  • Over/Under Watering: A consistent watering regimen, adjusted to the plant’s growth stage, is crucial to avert the perils of root rot or dehydration.

Additional Tips:

  • Training Techniques: Applying low-stress training (LST) or high-stress training (HST) methods significantly elevates light penetration and can markedly boost yield.
  • Climate: Tailoring cultivation tactics to align with the prevailing climate conditions or establishing a regulated indoor environment is fundamental for successful cultivation.
  • Testing: Routine assessments of soil pH and nutrient concentrations are essential for customizing the cultivation milieu to meet the plant’s specific needs, ensuring optimal vigor and yield

Germination time:

The germination time of Cake Bomb cannabis seeds is a crucial initial phase in the cultivation journey, setting the stage for the development of a robust and healthy plant. Typically spanning between 3 to 7 days under optimal conditions, this critical period requires a delicate balance of moisture, warmth, and darkness to awaken the dormant life within each seed.

To facilitate this process, cultivators employ numerous techniques, including the paper towel method or direct sowing into the soil, ensuring that the seeds are kept consistently moist but not waterlogged, and at a steady temperature ideally around 70-85°F (21-29°C). The environment’s meticulous control during these initial days is paramount, as it significantly influences the seed’s ability to crack open and send forth its first tender roots and shoots.

This window of time, while relatively brief, demands patience and attentiveness from the grower, as these early moments are foundational to the seedling’s future vigor and productivity. Successful germination is marked by the emergence of a small, white taproot, a signal that the seed has embarked on its life cycle. As each seed awakens, it’s critical for the cultivator to maintain an environment that nurtures these fragile new beginnings, setting the course for the growth of a resilient and flourishing Cake Bomb cannabis plant.

Wellness and Night Terror OG Cannabis Seeds

Embarking on a journey with the Cake Bomb cannabis strain unveils a rich mosaic of genetic heritage, weaving together a diverse array of wellness benefits and effects that resonate deeply with a wide variety of users. This strain’s lineage, carefully curated for its depth and complexity, affords it a uniquely balanced profile that skillfully merges the tranquil depths of its Indica roots with the bright, invigorating essence of Sativa influences.

This synthesis creates an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a layered onset of euphoria that gently lifts the spirit while grounding the mind in a state of serene contentment. Such a dynamic interplay of effects positions Cake Bomb as a masterful alleviator of stress, casting away the burdens of the day to usher in peace and well-being.

Cake Bomb’s acclaim extends into the therapeutic realm, where its rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes is heralded for its ability to provide relief from a spectrum of physical discomforts. Those in search of reprieve from enduring chronic conditions or acute discomforts often turn to Cake Bomb, finding solace in its analgesic and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

This capacity for pain management is a cornerstone of the strain’s ability to enhance the daily lives of those navigating the challenges of physical pain. The strain’s influence reaches further, into the delicate balance of mental health, acting as a stronghold against the forces of anxiety and depression. By calming the nervous system, Cake Bomb disperses the fog of worry and despair, revealing a clearer, more tranquil mental state.

Its benefits in promoting restful sleep serve as a boon for individuals dealing with sleep disruptions, facilitating a deeper and more rejuvenating rest. Beyond its physical and mental health benefits, Cake Bomb also excels in sparking creativity and sharpening focus. Users frequently report entering a state of enhanced cognitive flow, marked by a surge of clarity and ease in tackling complex tasks or creative projects. This aspect makes Cake Bomb an invaluable ally in artistic pursuits, intellectual explorations, and moments requiring deep reflection.

Cake Bomb cannabis strain is a beacon of holistic wellness, blending physical comfort, mental clarity, and spiritual revitalization. It serves not only as a powerful tool for addressing a wide range of wellness objectives but also as an invitation to explore the intricate relationship between the body, the mind, and the spirit through the transformative lens of this extraordinary strain.

CBD Levels:

Within the complex genetic architecture of the Cake Bomb cannabis strain lies a subtle yet significant aspect that deserves attention—its CBD levels. While the spotlight often shines brightly on THC for its potent effects and psychoactive prowess, the CBD content within Cake Bomb holds a key to unlocking a more nuanced and balanced cannabis experience. This strain showcases a CBD concentration that, although not as elevated as those found in strains bred specifically for high CBD output, plays an essential role in modulating the overall user experience.

The relatively modest CBD levels in Cake Bomb contribute to a harmonious interplay with THC, fostering an environment where the energizing and therapeutic effects of THC are complemented and softened by CBD’s calming influence. This delicate balance between THC and CBD makes Cake Bomb an appealing choice for a diverse audience. It attracts those seeking relief from various symptoms and those desiring the wellness benefits associated with cannabis use, all without the intensity of a high THC strain.

The CBD component works in concert with THC and other cannabinoids to amplify the strain’s therapeutic benefits, facilitating a more rounded and holistic effect. This includes easing physical discomfort, mitigating feelings of anxiety, enhancing mood stability, and promoting better sleep patterns—all achieved with a level of mental clarity that respects the user’s need for a functional state of consciousness.

Cake Bomb’s CBD profile positions it as an accessible option for newcomers to cannabis, providing a gentler entry point to experiencing the plant’s myriad benefits. For individuals who are more sensitive to the effects of THC or prioritize maintaining lucidity while addressing specific health concerns, the CBD content in Cake Bomb offers an attractive feature. The discussion around Cake Bomb’s CBD levels highlights the intricate considerations behind its breeding and cultivation.

This strain exemplifies the sophisticated approach to creating cannabis varieties that meet a broad spectrum of user preferences and therapeutic needs. In doing so, Cake Bomb encapsulates the evolving landscape of cannabis, where the interplay of cannabinoids like CBD and THC is recognized and valued for the comprehensive wellness and medicinal benefits it can deliver, marking a step forward in appreciating cannabis as a complex and beneficial botanical ally.


The visual allure of Cake Bomb cannabis plants is a testament to their exquisite genetic heritage, showcasing a captivating aesthetic that mesmerizes cultivators and enthusiasts alike. These plants bloom into a stunning display of vibrant hues and intricate textures, painting a picture of botanical artistry. The leaves of Cake Bomb extend in a lush, verdant array, interspersed with nuances of deep purples and bright greens, a spectacle of color that hints at the strain’s rich phytochemical composition.

As the flowering phase progresses, the buds of Cake Bomb take on a dense, resinous form, each one a masterpiece adorned with a frosty layer of trichomes that glisten like a dusting of morning frost under the first light of dawn. These trichomes are not merely decorative; they are the bearers of the strain’s potent cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes, promising a sensory experience as profound as the visual one.

The buds themselves are a marvel, with a structure that strikes a balance between the compactness typical of Indica varieties and the elongated, airy form of Sativas. This structural duality makes Cake Bomb buds both aesthetically pleasing and a symbol of the strain’s balanced effects.

Adding to the visual feast are the pistils, which weave through the buds in fiery hues of orange and red, offering a vivid contrast to the cooler tones of the foliage. This rich tapestry of colors and textures is further enhanced by the plant’s overall stature, which exhibits robustness and vitality, a reflection of its resilient genetics. Cake Bomb plants are characterized by their vigorous growth, with a stature that speaks to their inherent strength and the careful breeding that brought them to life.

The visual presentation of Cake Bomb is a narrative of its journey from seed to flower, a story told through the language of color, form, and texture, inviting observers into a deeper appreciation of cannabis cultivation’s art and science. This striking appearance not only captivates the eye but also hints at the complex interplay of flavors, aromas, and effects that await, making Cake Bomb a true feast for the senses

Plant Height:

The Cake Bomb cannabis strain stands as a remarkable example of horticultural excellence, not just in its aromatic and potency profiles, but also in the sheer physical presence it commands within a growing space. This strain, born from a rich lineage that marries the best of Sativa’s uplifting growth tendencies with India’s robustness, showcases a dynamic growth pattern that can see it reaching for the skies, achieving a stature that is both majestic and imposing. In optimal growing conditions, Cake Bomb’s tendency to stretch towards the upper echelons of height becomes evident, embodying the vigor and resilience coded within its genetics.

This ascendant growth habit is a clear marker of its sativa heritage, which imbues the plant with a natural inclination to grow tall and strong, making it a striking figure in any cultivation environment. The impressive height of Cake Bomb plants adds a layer of visual drama to their cultivation, making them not just producers of desirable flowers but also ornamental spectacles that capture the eye and the imagination.

This characteristic height, while functional in terms of light capture and airflow, also serves as a canvas for the display of the strain’s beautiful foliage and bud structure, making it a holistic pleasure to grow. In essence, the stature of Cake Bomb is a reflection of its inner vitality and the careful breeding that has honed its characteristics, offering growers not just a cultivation project but an opportunity to engage deeply with the art and science of cannabis horticulture


The Cake Bomb strain’s aroma unfurls like an olfactory symphony, with each note meticulously composed to enchant the senses. Dominated by a sweet, confectionary allure, it beckons with the warmth and comfort of a kitchen where sweet treats are perennially in the oven. This initial sweetness, evocative of vanilla and caramel undertones, invites closer attention, revealing a complexity that transcends simple sugary appeal.

Beneath this delectable facade lies a grounding earthiness, a reminder of the strain’s natural origins, imbuing the fragrance with a depth that anchors the lighter, sweeter notes. As the aroma lingers, a garden of fruity accents emerges, dancing lightly across the olfactory palette. Hints of ripe berries and a citrus zest intertwine, offering a vibrant contrast that elevates the scent profile from merely sweet to intriguingly multifaceted.

These fruit-inspired tones bring a refreshing crispness, cutting through the richness with a sharp, clean finish.Yet, the aromatic journey of Cake Bomb does not end here. A subtle spiciness, reminiscent of exotic spices, weaves through the fragrance, adding an element of mystery and sophistication.

This spice, though understated, is pivotal, providing a balance to the sweetness, preventing it from becoming cloying, and instead, steering the scent towards a more nuanced, complex territory. This olfactory experience, rich and layered, speaks to the meticulous breeding and careful cultivation that Cake Bomb has undergone. Each sniff reveals a new dimension, inviting aficionados to explore and re-explore, discovering different facets with each encounter.

The aroma of Cake Bomb is not just a passive attribute but an active invitation to engage with the strain on a deeper level, appreciating the craftsmanship that has woven such a tapestry of scents into a single plant. It stands as a tribute to the craftsmanship of cannabis growing, with every scent note acting as a stroke of paint in an exquisite piece of art, combining to create an experience that is as enriching as it is delightful.


The flavor profile of Cake Bomb cannabis takes enthusiasts on a sensory odyssey across a diverse landscape of taste, reflecting the intricacy and opulence of its aroma. With each inhalation, a symphony of nuanced flavors unfolds, commencing with a profound sweetness reminiscent of decadent pastries straight from the oven. This initial sweetness envelops the palate, conjuring visions of velvety vanilla cream and the caramelized crust of a crème brûlée, captivating the taste buds with its confectionery allure.

As the experience deepens, layers of complexity emerge, revealing dimensions beyond its initial dessert-like sweetness. Earthy undertones gradually surface, offering a grounding counterbalance to the sweetness and infusing the palate with a richness that resonates with the innate essence of the cannabis plant.

This earthiness is subtle yet intricate, blending notes of fertile loam with hints of pine, imparting a sense of equilibrium and profundity to the flavor profile, and inviting enthusiasts into a more intricate tasting journey. Intertwined with the earthiness are delicate traces of fruitiness, evoking images of ripe berries and zesty citrus peel, cutting through the richness with a revitalizing crispness.

This fruity interlude adds luminosity to the flavor, crafting a delightful interplay that heightens the overall sensory experience. Delving deeper into Cake Bomb’s flavor reveals a nuanced spiciness, akin to a whisper of exotic pepper or a dash of nutmeg, introducing an intriguing complexity and a subtly warm finish.

This spiciness, finely balanced and understated, enriches the intermingling of flavors without overpowering the palate. The culmination of these diverse flavors in Cake Bomb creates a multifaceted and unforgettable tasting expedition, a testament to the strain’s meticulous breeding and cultivation. Each draw is a voyage through layers of sweetness, earthiness, fruitiness, and spice, a harmonious fusion that captivates and gratifies.

More than a mere sensory delight, the flavor of Cake Bomb is a nuanced narrative conveyed through taste, beckoning connoisseurs to savor and admire the artistry and dedication that have shaped this exceptional strain. It stands as an epitome of cannabis flavor profiles, providing a deeply engaging and lasting experience that remains vivid well beyond the last breath.

In Conclusion:

Within the expansive and ever-evolving realm of cannabis cultivation and appreciation, Cake Bomb cannabis seeds emerge as a monumental testament to the fusion of art and science in strain development.

The trajectory of this strain, from seed to sublime experience, encapsulates a meticulous amalgamation of genetic expertise, horticultural finesse, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, distinguishing it within the cannabis landscape. Cake Bomb’s symphony of flavors, aromas, and effects harmoniously orchestrates a journey that is both intricate and gratifying, guiding enthusiasts through a multi-dimensional exploration of its sweet, earthy, and spicy nuances.

The delicate equilibrium achieved between its Indica and Sativa lineage yields a nuanced effect profile catering to diverse preferences, offering therapeutic relief alongside a profound sense of well-being. Furthermore, Cake Bomb’s visual allure, characterized by vibrant hues and dense, resinous buds, complements the sensory experience it provides, enthralling both the taste buds and the visual senses. 

Its adaptability in cultivation, coupled with comprehensive guidance for its care, empowers growers of all skill levels to embark on the fulfilling endeavor of nurturing Cake Bomb to its full, flourishing potential. In essence, Cake Bomb cannabis seeds epitomize the zenith of cannabis excellence, embodying a strain revered for its distinctive contributions to both recreational and medicinal cannabis communities.

Its inception pays homage to the devoted breeders who have dedicated their expertise and passion to crafting a strain that serves as a beacon of quality, complexity, and enjoyment. Cake Bomb transcends mere strain status; it stands as a masterpiece of cannabis cultivation, offering an experience that is opulent, enriching, and truly unforgettable.

Additional information

Best Use

Fatigue, Muscle Spasms, Stress


50% Indica, 50% Sativa

CBD Level




Flowering Time Indoors

8 – 10 weeks

Flowering Time Outdoors

All year

Growing Difficulty



Focused, Relaxing

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield

500 -650 gr/ Plant

Plant Height




Thriving Climate

Mediterranean climate



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  1. Johanna York

    out of all other strains I have tried from other seed banks, this was the only one who could help me with my muscle spasms

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